Rep. Glenn Grothman, a freshman Republican congressman from Wisconsin, was already well known for his right-wing ideology. The GOP lawmaker, for example, has argued against equal-pay legislation by saying, “You could argue that money is more important for men.” He’s also criticized sex-ed classes because, as Grothman put it, some gay teachers “would like it if more kids became homosexuals.”

Now, however, the Wisconsin Republican is likely to be known for something new. TPM reported this morning:

A Republican congressman on Tuesday night acknowledged that the new law requiring a photo ID to vote in Wisconsin could help Republican candidates at the polls in the general election....

The line Republicans and proponents of voter-suppression tactics are supposed to take is that voter-ID policies have nothing to do with partisanship or affecting the outcome of elections, and everything to do with the integrity of the voting process. “We’re not trying to disenfranchise Democrats,” GOP officials say, “that’s just the accidental byproduct of our policies.”

The argument is obviously untrue, but at least in public, Republicans are supposed to pretend that the talking points have merit.

Except, Grothman forgot to stick to the script.