Batman V Superman, spoilers

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    Apr 07, 2016 9:43 PM GMT
    If you have not seen the movie, please be advised that is a SPOILER heavy review and my thoughts.

    1st viewing, it was ok. 2nd viewing, Wonder Woman entrance was amazing and awesome. 3rd viewing, it was good. I would watch it a 4th time.

    I liked it. Overall I gave it 7/10. As a movie it was 5 or 6/10. As for a comic book movie it was 10/10.

    First my annoyances: LEX Luthor junior. He was annoying, silly and he did not act like the Lex from previous incarnations, such as the animations and Smallville's Lex or he wasn't like the business-like Lex. However since he is the son of LL Senior he is probably just a different Lex and he just seemed like the Joker/Riddler and he seemed annoying, psychotic, and doubly annoying. The music for Lex was also annoying. We seem to know his motivations: Superman is like a God and Lex does not like gods or God and he feels threatened by Superman. How can Lex Luthor find out about the Justice League members...? I guess through Lex Corp but shouldn't Batman also know? There is little explanation about Doomsday...

    Batman... He is grittier, darker and more unhinged than previous incarnations. He stabs people, kills people using machine guns and crashes into cars and kills more people... though he kills criminals rather than just people. Was he a good Batman? I think he would have been a better Batman if he did not kill, but I understand why he has killed. Probably because of Robin's death, and before the Comics Code of Conduct Batman has killed before, so I can see why this Batman has become darker... His motivation for killing Superman is that Superman is powerful and he is not trustworthy and he does not care about the damage he causes while fighting villains, such as Zod and the buildings and the man who lost his legs. So Batman wants to eliminate Superman because he has the power to eliminate all of humanity

    Superman... Not much to do here. He was busy brooding over whether he is good or just a nuisance. Throughout the film he has progressed but does he portray the Superman we know him to be... A good boy-scouts superhero? I think we see Superman through Batman's eyes as opposed to who Superman really is. Yes, he saves people and many view Superman as a hero and shining light but Superman's doubts make us also doubt...

    Editing and storytelling was a bit off... the nightmare sequences and the lack of narrative was a bit off putting. The African-storyline was a bit off-putting. Why would Superman be a nuisance? I think his presence makes people feel afraid and so that is why people were killed by bullets. When Superman pushed that man through the wall, would that man be severely injured or even fatally affected?

    WONDERWOMAN! She stole the show. Her entrance was amazing. Saving Batman. It feels like the JUSTICE LEAGUE!From the animations. Her music theme was amazing.

    That Batman scene was amazing with the music - when he was trying to steal the Kryptonite from the White Portuguese ship.

    Originally the MARTHA comment was bad but I thought it over and over. Batman became a masked vigilante because his parents were murdered, Tom and Martha Wayne. Superman's mother is called Martha as well. When they fight and Batman was about kill Superman, Superman says Lex will kill Martha... Bruce (deliberate choice of name) hesitates. Shouldn't Batman have figured out Clark is Superman and that Martha is also Clark's mother? Anyway, because of this shared connection, the fight STOPS. At first, I found this was silly. Then I thought, Batman chose to fight crime because his parents were murdered. Batman is insane but goodly insane in the sense that he wants to fights Justice because he could not stop his parents murder. He realizes that by becoming a vigilante he can put fear into criminals and exact revenge/guilt into the criminal's mind. Through the film, Bruce has dreams of Martha and her name has dropped almost everywhere. Again, we see the death of Bruce's parents in the beginning, again... but that was necessary.

    So that Martha comment was powerful. In the comics, both of their mothers are called Martha but it still feels a bit silly because what if Superman's mother was called Sue? This only works if you KNOW Martha...

    The fight scenes were amazing. That warehouse scene.

    It was not a perfect movie but I still loved it. The beginning was slow and the end was very good. I feel that Lex is cleverer than Bruce because he figured out Superman's identity first and it feels a bit off kilter...

    Nevertheless I give this 7/10. The good outweighs the bad.

    Visually it was very good. It feels like this movie is for comic book fans but even so there storyline feels a bit imperfect.

    Your thoughts?
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    Apr 07, 2016 10:05 PM GMT

    I forgot...

    Superman and the kryptonite spear! He should have been affected but I can also see why he chose to do it. Superman feels like an alien. He is an alien and to save humanity he sacrifices his life to kill Doomsday. He has enough WILLPOWER to drive that spear through Doomsday. Again the visuals were amazing. So at the end of the movie we see that Superman is "good" and he saves the people of Earth.

    One problem... how did Lois know to get that spear? How did Lois know Doomsday was kryptonian? The one way I see it is that Batman came back to Gotham. Why would Batman go back to Gotham? Maybe Lois figured it out because it came from Zod's pod? So Lois could have figured it out it was somehow kryptonian...
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    Apr 07, 2016 11:59 PM GMT
    Get rid of Snyder.
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    Apr 08, 2016 1:30 AM GMT
    Hmm.... I went to go watch this movie it was good. Though, some things bothered me
    -For fucks sake the movie is called BATMAN V SUPERMAN... Movie was almost 2hrs30 minutes long and the fight scene between them was what... 2 minutes of the movie?! Suck my ass! It might as well been called "Finding Martha" (Superman's Mom). Or of that sort Hahaha.

    - The dramatic ass background music for every little damn thing icon_rolleyes.gif lmao. It seemed as if it was so constant and intense. Not even exaggerating (on this point)

    - I was shocked too when I saw batman kill (when he was escaping the ambush inside the vehicle) then again, taking to account what pytk said in the comics later on. However, that fight scene alone was wack asf. Being that it seemed so rehersed and some of the stunt actors had a clear shot at batman and paused for batman to come and get him. Got me annoyed that I caught it on the first time watching the movie so bluntly.

    - There was a scene where the 3 heroes (Wonder Woman was pretty bad ass and sexy asf, fun fact: Gal Gadot is the first non-American actress to play Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. [: ) ... (To be continued)

    Phones dying guys brb! (I'm not bashing the movie it was enjoyable ... Just sharing some things I thought of with friends and discussed after the movie) ...
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    Apr 08, 2016 8:50 AM GMT
    The extended version is 3hrs. They should have included all 3hrs