A large majority of Americans now view the Republican Party unfavorably, according to a poll that suggests Donald Trump could be dragging down the GOP's brand.

The Associated Press-GfK poll finds that two out of three people now have an unfavorable view of the party. The 67 percent negative rating is up from the 58 percent who viewed the GOP that way in October 2014...

The change has come as Trump has risen from businessman and brash reality television star to the Republican Party's presidential front-runner. And it's in contrast with public opinion of the Democratic Party, about which Americans are more evenly divided.

The new poll finds that 48 percent have a favorable view of the Democratic Party...The numbers are largely unchanged since October of 2014.

...In October of 2014, some 22 percent of Republicans and 34 percent of self-identified conservatives reported an unfavorable view of the GOP. Those negative numbers have surged to 34 percent of Republicans and 47 percent of conservatives in the new poll...