The Suicide Squad will probably flop

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    Apr 08, 2016 12:03 PM GMT say that Dawn of Justice is divisive would be putting it mildly. Suicide Squad has also received a mixed response, and the movie isn't even out yet. But after the first trailer emphasised the psychological thriller element of the plot, the second trailer revealed that Suicide Squad has an excellent sense of humor.

    DC Tv shows may be good, such as The Flash but the WB/DC movies are getting trashy. Bad pacing and bad directors and poor reviews.

    I think it will be better than BvS but still do relatively poorly compared to Deadpool.

  • nice_chap

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    Apr 08, 2016 7:23 PM GMT
    Harley Quinn looks shite, she hasn't even got the accent.
  • leanandclean

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    Apr 08, 2016 8:25 PM GMT
    When have we had too many movies based on comic books?
  • Wendigo9

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    Apr 09, 2016 7:08 AM GMT
    suicide squad? . . . well it worked for monty python, lol
  • stratavos

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    Apr 09, 2016 7:31 AM GMT
    icon_sad.gif no killer frost... probably no captain boomerang either...
  • nice_chap

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    Apr 09, 2016 10:33 AM GMT
    I'm quite happy to stick with the Suicide Squad episodes of Arrow.
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    Apr 11, 2016 8:42 PM GMT


  • venue35

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    Apr 11, 2016 9:33 PM GMT
    I think Suicide Squad will be the event of the summer.
    How can it be receiving a bad response?? It won't be out for another 4 months....
    Batman vs Superman was a great popcorn flick. But the script wasn't that great.They are supposed to loathe eachother in the movie but i never got that feeling and when the big fight comes they suddenly become buddies.
    It was fun though but im more excited for Suicide Squad.
    They say Jared Leto is awesome as the joker and Harley Quinn steals the show
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    Apr 12, 2016 8:41 AM GMT
    leanandclean saidWhen have we had too many movies based on comic books?

    When have we had too many movies based on books?
  • nice_chap

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    Apr 14, 2016 11:09 AM GMT
    It could be fun to watch, but it just seems kinda weird to me that they are bringing together all these characters that haven't already been established in other movies. Harley Quinn and Killer Croc are from batman's universe but this is the first time they'll be in a live action movie.

    with the avengers, we saw each hero in their own movie and a little teaser at the end that connects them to each other before they were all united in the Avengers, so it was all being built up so we could be excited for the movie at that point. Or if you watch TV's Arrow, each villain has his or her own episode before Amanda Waller brings them together as the Suicide Squad. This movie is just not gonna have that effect because it's a bunch of characters making their debut appearance at the same time.