Trump Is The Weakest GOP Front-Runner In The Modern Era

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    Apr 12, 2016 4:00 AM GMT
    Despite getting drubbed in Wisconsin this week, Donald Trump has won more votes than any other Republican candidate this year. So, he’s doing OK, right? Well, for all the talk that unbound delegates and quirky convention rules could prevent Trump from winning the GOP nomination, it’s easy to forget that Republican voters also play a part. Trump’s 37 percent of the cumulative primary vote and 46 percent of delegates won so far may sound impressive, but his percentages make him the weakest Republican front-runner, at this point in the process, in decades...’s the cumulative vote percentage that each eventual nominee received over the course of the primary season in those seven campaigns:


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    Apr 12, 2016 12:32 PM GMT
    If the Republicans were smart they'd vote for Kasich, not Trump or Cruz. I just watched Kasich on CBS This Morning and he was unequivocal that he's not going to be someone's VP.
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    Apr 12, 2016 2:18 PM GMT
    I caught him on the few moments I've watched of their debates. I couldn't watch those long because I'd either be laughing myself silly or get too fed up. I'm a gentle soul and I find the GOP stressful.

    He strikes me as a somewhat reasonable guy (at least relative to the more extreme GOPers) who seems to have at least capitulated on our Supreme Court ruling though he may not like it. I like how he separates commerce from religion but he also would dip into public coffers to fund religious school with vouchers and I couldn't be more against that.

    He supports maintaining the status quo of income inequality, continuing to give it all to the 1%, he supports putting laws on women's bodies, is against green energy and would risk Social Security with privatization which I think would be a huge mistake.

    So he's definitely too GOP for me, but he's not a total nut case so he might not be GOP enough for the GOP.

    His big problem in this primary is charisma which he lacks. Which is rather odd when you consider how white the GOP is that he would fade into that background.

    In the GOP it's not enough to be white. Reason doesn't rise in the GOP. It's not enough to be Christian. To rise to the top of the GOP you must be white, Christian and filled with hate. Hate & fear is their buoyancy. Their water wings. They don't know how to swim without it. This guy would probably be better able to swim on his own, but not in the muck that the GOP has become, certainly not in the brew Trump has stirred.