The bottom experience

  • Edepic

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    Apr 14, 2016 4:57 PM GMT
    Could any bottoms out there explained the joy of bottoming?
    Do the orgasms feel the same as an ejaculation orgasm? Are multiple orgasms the rule? Do some enjoy the experience even if they never have an orgasm?
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    Apr 14, 2016 6:46 PM GMT
    Well I will answer the easy question first. No, its nothing like an ejaculation orgasm. I can describe the experience as a mix of physical feelings, and I think I'm being quite accurate. Constipation, a rush of hot inner discomfort but mixed in with a sensation that's pleasurable. If its particularly good and the top is big enough I really get flushed, as there is a point when they can reach deep enough to touch a part of my rectum which narrows and they bash into that zone and the sensation gets really strong. Obviously air gets forced deep down, that's the constipation like pain you get and I cant help but fidget when they cause that pain to increase but there is still pleasure. Its not all about the feelings either. I get turned on knowing that they are experiencing pleasure and I love to contract my rectum as much as I can when I know they are going to cum. It is such a turn on. The other feeling which is extremely pleasurable but hurts at the same time is when they are penetrating you. I cant help but flinch everytime, but I love it, even when some do it a little to rough.icon_redface.gif
    Its a mix of pleasure and pain, its totally different to the ejaculation orgasm in every way. But, for me I love it
  • Destinharbor

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    Apr 14, 2016 7:31 PM GMT
    I enjoy bottoming and no, it is quite different from ejaculation though sometimes I will come, most often not. Still the orgasm is more just a rush of endorphins combined with a physical pleasure of the feel of of the guy sliding in and out but it definitely can give you the shiver/shutter warm flood feeling you sometimes get in a really good ejaculation. But even that isn't always and it is just a pleasure of the sliding in and out and the intimate connection. Multiple orgasms, no. Not for me. Once is enough if the guy has skill.
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    Apr 14, 2016 11:00 PM GMT
    Yes I enjoy it. Never had multiple orgasams. If they finish too quickly and I have to jerk myself off that isn't very pleasurable. Even if they are really good I sometimes get frustrated having to finish myself off cuz let's be honest I don't need someone else in order to do that. I love cumming while being fucked. So sensation is totally different from penetrating. Your hole and prostate are really sensitive and so the sensation is down deep. Penetration the sensation is centered around your penis. Both are great
  • rnch

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    Apr 14, 2016 11:03 PM GMT
    Destinharbor saidI enjoy bottoming and no, it is quite different from ejaculation though sometimes I will come, most often not. Still the orgasm is more just a rush of endorphins combined with a physical pleasure of the feel of of the guy sliding in and out but it definitely can give you the shiver/shutter warm flood feeling you sometimes get in a really good ejaculation. But even that isn't always and it is just a pleasure of the sliding in and out and the intimate connection. Multiple orgasms, no. Not for me. Once is enough if the guy has skill.

    Agree icon_exclaim.gif

    Anal sex is the most intense, personal, intimate, close experience two men can have.

    I'll also add: I honestly don't care if I ejaculate or not while he is sliding in and out of me. Hands free jizzing while being fucked is for gay porn movies. I can always take care of that later on.
  • Edepic

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    Apr 15, 2016 3:20 AM GMT
    Thanks guys for a concerted effort to explain something that may be somewhat inexplicable.
    Each answer was a bit different , none described the experience as rockets going off, but all emphasize an intimate connection along with accompanying strong, meanfull sensations.
    Maybe anal sex evolved as an alternative system to straight sex,in order to secure male intimacy and love.
    Thank you!
  • takashi

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    Apr 16, 2016 8:24 PM GMT
    "explain something that may be somewhat inexplicable"

    Yes, quite inexplicable...
    As a bottom I enjoy being with another man.
    I love it when we wrap our arms around each other and kiss deeply.
    I love the feel of another man's body, so warm.

    And as a bottom, I love nothing more than being penetrated.
    To open myself up to another man, forcing my body to relax my barriers and allow myself to be penetrated. To be connected with another man in the most intimate way. Submitting myself so that another man can take his pleasure.

    Hard to say that the feeling is pleasurable. Initially, there is some pain, its always painful for me when my man first enters me. But after it is 'all in' the feeling is incredible. As he moves in and out of my body, it is just an intense feeling. It is really indescribable, but I love it.

    For the bottom(or for me) there is no natural orgasming, as women would orgasm. Some men experience the 'no hands' ejaculation which can be enjoyable. I have ejaculated that way many times(when I was young) but to me it is not like a regular orgasm/ejaculation. It is a forced ejaculation and to me its quite strange. I love it when my man is fucking me and jerks me off at the same time. Its best when we can cum together! But that takes practice, practice is fun!
    I just really enjoy being connected to another man and having sex with him, making love. I love it when there is no A/C on and we are dripping with sweat.

    For the bottom experience I love it from the start when two men meet and we have that slightly awkward moment of getting to know one another and the next second we are usually completely naked!
  • Noah8882

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    Apr 21, 2016 2:20 AM GMT
    I am a no hands ejaculation bottom when I'm comfortable with someone. I really get into it and can cum a couple times. But like I said I have to be comfortable with the guy.
  • TombRaider

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    Apr 22, 2016 11:01 PM GMT
    If my guy is doing taking his time going in and out, plus hitting the right spot, the sensation is OMG!!! Makes my feet curl and I moan and get off hands free. On the other hand if he goes to fast the sensation is there but not that Wow factor.
  • Sebastian14

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    Apr 24, 2016 8:53 PM GMT
    It really depends who and how is fucking. I can cum nust from being fucked but that to happen usually takes quite a lot of fucking. Most of the tips don't last long and sometimes i can't take it. But being a bottom a few times after about 2 hours of getting fucked i cum really good and the sensation is huge.
  • CubCasey

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    Apr 26, 2016 3:17 PM GMT
    Hi I'm a vers/bottom guy and I love to bottom!! I've gone into more detail below in hopes of explaining some feelings that I had. But to answer quickly before we get into detail, no the orgasms don't feel the same though they can accompany each other sometimes, multiple orgasms(remember no ejaculation during multiple orgasms) are very possible and they rock, and for me I love the experience whether I've cum or not... if he's fucked me good, I'm good. Here's some reasons why I like bottoming:

    ~I am not a sub but I like when someone else takes control and while you are most certainly in control of your own body when bottoming, because in order for you to enjoy bottoming you have to allow the top into your hole... he technically shouldn't be forcing his way... unless you're into that. (If penetration is painful, try putting your finger in your hole. But don't push your finger in, just rest it on the hole. Tighten your hole and then relax it and when you relax it, think about your hole opening up and taking the finger inside of it. Think thought process is amazing for beginners and for taking big dicks). But to just give yourself to another guy is an amazing physical and mental experience.

    ~When you get past the initial discomforts of putting it in the first time... a little pain sometimes(if he's super thick like my fb), just getting used to the feeling, adjusting the position you thought your quads could handle but can't, realizing there definitely needs to be more lube, etc. Once you get past all the business and take a second to realize that this man's pulsing cock is inside of your body and it feels good(full, stretched, warm), you take a deep breath and feel this release from your muscles and mind. You can feel his cock sliding in and out, it feels warm and there's good pressure. The feeling is more of a full body pleasure though. Kind of like the warming feeling that red wine gives you... it feels like a head rush. My chest gets hot, and its like there's these energy waves radiating from my lower abdomen.

    ~ The orgasm itself, in my experience, is amazing if the bottom guy is really turned on and horny/in the throws of passion. I've cum plenty of times while being fucked and jacking my dick... and it was kind of blah. Very much a quick hook up centered on the top getting off. But I have had amazing anal/prostate orgasms before where both people were able to find pleasure in the giving and receiving of pleasure with a partner. I think to enjoy bottoming you have to get into the mindset of wanting to take your partner into your most vulnerable area to give him pleasure while he gives you pleasure. Once I got out of the mindset that my pleasure is just a welcome after thought to the tops desires or that my pleasure is dictated by what my top does... the feelings I get from my ass and sex in general has become incredibly amazing!

    Example: My ex and I had a very sex oriented day, we had anal sex 3 different times that day and I hadn't cum yet, and I was perfectly content with that because he had made me feel amazing... he had a 9-inch perfect dick and knew how to use it other than the fact that he was pretty quick to cum, but he was sit a hot fuck! Well this last time before bed, I was riding him and he was hitting everything and really into pleasing me and making sure I was getting off, and I was horned up from the entire day and his actions. The orgasm came and it felt like it lasted 5 minutes. Like take the head rush of poppers and increase it 10 times, and I could feel the heat of my body just intensify, my breath was taken away, eyes went blurry, I was moaning so loud, and every touch of a hand or move of his cock inside me just kept the pleasure going and going until I was finally able to come down. I was so light headed that my ex had to catch me and hold me so that i didn't fall off the bed! All the while, my dick had been soft and no cum... pre cum, but no ejaculation. Of course I came after a break and some fingering, but definitely not the same experience as a penile orgasm and ejaculation.

    Also randomly, ejaculating with a guy inside me is hot and I love to shoot all over him and myself. But I find that if the guy is really big and thick that I can't really ejaculate with him inside me or its a really small load... and I usually shoot 5 or 6 streams of cum up to my face or pillow if I'm jacking off... So anal and prostate orgasms fill that void if I'm with someone with a big, especially thick, cock.

    Hope that answered some questions, sorry I'm long winded!
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    Apr 26, 2016 6:01 PM GMT
    I am a vers/top, so I;ve topped a lot more than bottomed, but I enjoy it just the same.

    First I want to say, when it comes to anal pleasure every guy is different. I've known guys who are so sensitive they start pre-cumming before you're even all the way in, and I've known guys who you can fuck until morning and still be soft. The sensitivity of the prostate is a funny thing. I myself love anal play, but my prostate is not very sensitive. When I bottom, I love the feeling of being penetrated and being 'full' so to speak, but when it comes to hard fucking the actual pleasure I get from the prostate is minimal. This applies to both sex and self play.

    I guess the most enjoyable part for me is the mental aspect, giving yourself to another guy, making him feel pleasure as he fucks you. Working your ass just right to give him the best fuck. And as others have said, it is a very intimate moment no matter what position you're in, and that's enough for me even if I'll never experience a hands free orgasm. : /

    I;ve always been extremely jealous of guys who have sensitive prostates, something I can only dream about...
  • cgr1

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    Apr 29, 2016 11:13 AM GMT
    For me, the first time did not go well. Yet the man I had met several times, attracted me a lot and all was well between us, we liked, after we undressed each other, we kiss, we suck, caress, no part of our body is prohibited. After a few meetings, I began to feel a desire to know him the supreme intimate relationship. Certainly, during oral sex, the penis entered the mouth of the other. But, accepting that his penis crosses my anal sphincter, the relationship would be total, Our bodies are completely united since his sperm (source of life) could be transferred into my body. It was very soft, I let myself do when his fingers massaged my anus to relax and used the hole to dilate in order to take the next step. But when I felt his penis contact the hole, I had a strong contraction caused me severe pain. What prevented the penis to go further. Yet my desire was still there. But it's as if my body refused to let me become a "motherfucker"! This was contrary to my education.
    Later, I was able to overcome the obstacle, but with another penis and paradoxically, I have no recollection.
    By cons, I can not go with any penis. I have to have chemistry with its owner to consider something intimate.
    Otherwise, I think it would be like using a dildo. There would be no sharing ... even if a penis is a bit more lively (normally) a dildo!
    Sorry for my English, but I'm French and google does what he can!