I'll start.

I was there Friday and Saturday. I didn't take too many pics because I was a bit distracted by seeing folks I haven't seen in at least a decade. I had a good time, both listening and visiting.

Noticed quite a few homos there. Who else was there?

Best sound, IMO was the $25k Martin Logan Renaissance. Last two pics, with the Macs. These are next for me. They're replacing their entire line with this new x-stat design of theirs, top to bottom at about every $5,000 price points.

Surprisingly, the worst expensive sound at the show was the $558,000 MBL system. Hugely colored and an absolute imaging mess. Part of the imaging floating in space (as it should be) and a duplicate of that image hanging on the face of the speaker. Too bad as these are visually stunning (first two pics) and I really want to like them.

There was a cheap set of $32,000 MBLs down in LL in the Jolida room that did very nicely.

photo 49d8776b-dd69-4da9-b26d-a4da9423e922.jpg

photo 20160415_173754.jpg

Fancy cables, anyone?

photo 0dda6c6f-f684-43b2-a7e3-1578a6d05e80.jpg

Andrew Jones. The Elac dude

photo 20160416_143323.jpg

Fancy pants music server

photo a22ca56a-84af-495d-9196-63f221367bb8.jpg

Purdy cabinets

photo b7008884-6429-4424-855e-0da83598e0e3.jpg

Best sound at the show

photo 20160415_145839.jpg

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