60% of Palestinians Support Armed Attacks Against Israeli Civilians - 76% of Palestinians believe that the Arab World no longer cares about Palestine

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    Apr 18, 2016 2:29 AM GMT
    ...The survey, carried out by the the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research and published on April 4, found that 60 percent of Palestinians support “armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel,”...

    Efforts by Palestinian Authority security services to contain violence...were opposed by 65 percent of Palestinians...

    ...A majority of Palestinians — 52 percent — also believe that Israel is planning to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, which are located on the Temple Mount, and build a synagogue in their place. The Israeli government has previously rejected the charge, and non-Muslim presence and activity on the Temple Mount remains highly restricted...

    60 percent also opposed recognizing Israel as the state of the Jewish people...

    ...Another 60 percent expressed disapproval of the Arab League’s recent decision to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization...

    ...A poll from the same organization in December found that two-thirds of Palestinians support knife attacks against Israelis...

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    Apr 18, 2016 3:09 AM GMT
    ...Findings of the first quarter of 2016 indicate significant changes in some of the findings obtained in the second half of 2015. A majority now backs a two-state solution and support for stabbing attacks against Israelis has dropped, particularly among West Bankers. Nonetheless, a majority in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip continues to support an armed intifada...

    ...Findings show that support for use of knives in the current confrontations with Israel drops from 67% three months ago to 58% in this poll. Support for knifing attacks in the Gaza Strip stands at 82% and in the West Bank at 44%. Three months ago, support among West Bankers for knifing attacks stood at 57% and among Gazans at 85%. Support for knifing attacks is also higher among men (60%) compared to women (57%), in cities and refugee camps (62% and 58% respectively) compared to villages (40%), among those whose is age is between 18 and 22 (62%) compared to those whose age is over 50 years (55%), among refugees (66%) compared to non-refugees (52%), among those who work in the public sector (63%) compared to those who work in the private sector (53%), among those who hold a BA degree (59%) compared to illiterates (53%), among the religious (65%) compared to the somewhat religious (51%)...

    ...Moreover, 76% say the Arab World is too preoccupied with its own concerns, internal conflicts, and the conflict with Iran and that Palestine is no longer the Arab’s principal or primary issue or cause...
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    Apr 21, 2016 4:07 PM GMT
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    Poll: 67% of Palestinian Arabs support murder of Israeli Jews
    25% even if attackers are little girls

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    Apr 21, 2016 6:00 PM GMT
    Recall that trolls can never discuss a topic in its thread and will always seek either to divert with nonsense or puke their propaganda talking points (or, as we see, both).

    ATLF> the use of force for the purpose of self-determination is NOT illegal, while the use of force to quell a struggle for self-determination unequivocally is.

    How mentally sick and deranged with hate must one be to believe that attacks targeting innocent civilians are ever "not illegal"?

    So it is with those who don't understand the first thing about international law, because they reverse the scientific method and invent it - selectively and hypocritically - to suit their own purposes.

    ATLF> Stabbing attacks on occupying Israeli soldiers in East Jerusalem and other parts of the West Bank are plainly legal, and there is no justification for violence meted out to prevent such instances.

    Does everyone see the depth of the perversion? A soldier being attacked, in AyaTrolLiar's sick mind, isn't even allowed to defend him or herself but must submit to the attacker, roll over and die.

    Can you imagine someone spewing such nonsense about the Allied occupation of nazi Germany after WW II?

    In reality, occupations are legal and it is not open season on soldiers or administrators.

    || The Occupying Power may, however, subject the population of the occupied territory to provisions which are essential to enable the Occupying Power to fulfil its obligations under the present Convention, to maintain the orderly government of the territory, and to ensure the security of the Occupying Power, of the members and property of the occupying forces or administration, and likewise of the establishments and lines of communication used by them.

    || Protected persons who commit an offence which is solely intended to harm the Occupying Power, but which does not constitute an attempt on the life or limb of members of the occupying forces or administration, nor a grave collective danger, nor seriously damage the property of the occupying forces or administration or the installations used by them, shall be liable to internment or simple imprisonment, provided the duration of such internment or imprisonment is proportionate to the offence committed.

    So even non-lethal attacks are illegal and perpetrators are subject to imprisonment.

    ATLF> Rather the obligation of the occupying army is to withdraw

    The UN Resolution of record, UNSCR 242, does not require a unilateral, immediate, or even full Israeli withdrawal. It (back in 1967) established what is known as the "land for peace" formula. Israel will withdraw AFTER a peace agreement is established.

    UN Security Council Resolution 242 is binding on the parties (unlike General Assembly Resolutions which express the tyranny of the majority in a forum of primarily "unelected despots" motivated not by law but politics).

    Let's talk peace: The two-state solution

    It's not just that AyaTrolLiar's comments are in themselves comical, the hilarity increases infinitely in that he takes himself so seriously when no one else does - believes he's a genius based on twisting his selected sentence fragments from cherry-picked sources (trapped in his own circular arguments, having reversed the scientific method from the onset).