Israel, China announce NIS 260 million academic cooperation including joint Israeli-Chinese study institutes & student exchange program

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    Apr 20, 2016 6:12 PM GMT
    3,000 Chinese to study in Israel...

    Israel and China have signed seven academic cooperation agreements with Chinese universities, it was announced Tuesday.

    The announcement comes as Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong is visiting Israel to co-host the second meeting of the China-Israel Joint Committee on Innovation Cooperation....

    The agreements include the establishment of joint Israeli-Chinese study institutes, as well as investments in student exchange programs.

    According to Israel Radio, the program is expected to cost some NIS 260 million ($68 million) over nine years.

    Israel’s Council for Higher Education hopes to raise the number of Chinese students studying in Israel from the current figure of some 800 to 3,000 in five years’ time.

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    Apr 24, 2016 5:56 PM GMT
    China, Israel embraces golden age for innovation cooperation

    || At the first China Israel Technology Innovation and Investment Summit on Jan. 5 and Jan. 6 in Beijing, entrepreneurs lined extra chairs along the back wall of the packed conference hall. Outside the hall, Israeli businessmen were busy exchanging business cards with Chinese counterparts, hoping to find potential partners.

    || The enthusiasm from both sides doesn't come out of nowhere. Chinese investors have began parking their money in world-renowned Israeli high-tech industries at a stunning pace.

    || But it's not merely money that the fund-thirsty Israeli companies are looking for. Seeing the tremendous market in China, Israel is trying to form a long-term strategic relationship with China through academic exchanges, research and development (R&D) cooperation and incubator programs.

    || About 4,000 miles away from each other, China, with a population of 1.3 billion and Israel, with 8 million, have hardly anything in common.

    || While China is a giant economy with significant manufacturing power, Israel is widely regarded as the innovation hub of the world, with little interest in manufacturing.

    || Israel excels in fields where Chinese technology eagerly looks for breakthroughs. Modern agriculture, medical devices, and cyber security are sectors that brew the most innovation from partnership.

    || The increase in cooperation between China and Israel is not surprising. Partnerships between the two countries can be traced back to the ancient Silk Road, according to Philippe Metoudi, co-author of the book "Israel and China: From Silk Road to Innovation Highway.

    || While differences exist, the Israelis and the Chinese still have many in common, Metoudi said. Their views on education, family values and appreciation for history, for example, are all shared philosophies that will help further boost long-term cooperation between the two nations.

    || In the past few years, China and Israel stepped up academic exchanges and R&D collaboration.

    || The recent establishment of Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, a partnership between China's Shantou University and the Israel's Technion, is a prime example of the attempt by the two countries to cooperate in higher education.

    || Platforms such as the Changzhou Innovation Park in southern China provide physical proximity for Israeli firms to get funds and collaborate with Chinese companies in industrial R&D.

    || Israeli officials are further calling for Chinese companies to build R&D centers and set up production lines in Israel, pledging the best platform and grants from the government.

    || With growing academic cooperation, collaborative programs, and shared vision from both governments, "the golden age for Israel-China innovation cooperation has come," said Yin Hejun, China's Vice Minister of Science and Technology.

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    Apr 25, 2016 1:37 AM GMT
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    pouncer saidI remember when Israel was reprimanded, really publicly humiliated, by the George Bush administration in 2002 for selling American arms to China.

    China may be no ally of Israel when it comes to the Palestinians (no country is), but they have their own restive Muslim population fighting against oppression at home and I'd be hardly surprised if there isn't some kind of "security cooperation" currently between the two or in the near future...
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    Apr 25, 2016 6:51 PM GMT
    theantijock had him on ignore for years, and once AyaTrolLiar founcer resurfaced as "kiriak" (only to then rename his profile "pouncer") theantijock put him on ignore again.

    Americans' Views Toward Israel Remain Firmly Positive

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    Apr 26, 2016 5:24 AM GMT
    Yes, folks, that is the best he can do.

    pouncer saidYou'd know all about that, not me.

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    Apr 26, 2016 5:24 AM GMT
    China’s Ambassador Zhan Yongxin says the door is open for Israel to expand exports,
    but has some words of advice: just do it!

    || Ambassador Zhan Yongxin has a message for Israelis who want do business in China. “Just do it,” says Zhan, borrowing the enormously successful late 1980s Nike branding slogan.

    || “Jewish people have a pioneer spirit and Israeli businessmen should be more aggressive in exploring the Chinese market,” says Zhan, who again and again stresses the long and friendly relations between China and the Jewish people.

    || “Chinese people are very friendly to Israel; they have no history of anti-Semitism. They would like to build up relations with Israel and to develop economic cooperation,” says Zhan, before asking: “Why are you afraid and nervous about doing business in China?” “Go there and explore the market,” he advises, make contacts with “Chinese people. In China relationships are very important.”

    || Chinese investment hasn’t changed the status quo of Israeli companies, whose management and function are the same as before. Chinese investment will bring more opportunities, and more benefits to Israeli people. By investing and cooperating with Israeli companies, China can help the Israeli companies maximize their values, explore the international market and speed up the industrialization of Israeli hi-tech.
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    Apr 26, 2016 3:44 PM GMT
    Theantijock, like most people on RJ, couldn't care less what AyaTrolLiar founcer "wonders" about as he's bored out of his mind in his mum's basement.

    Let's talk peace: The two-state solution
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    Apr 26, 2016 4:33 PM GMT
    mwolverine saidTheantijock, like most people on RJ, couldn't care less what AyaTrolLiar founcer "wonders" about as he's bored out of his mind in his mum's basement.

    Let's talk peace: The two-state solution

    Yeah, that one's garbage for sure. I only see it when quoted or if I've looked at RJ without having logged on. I click that one and the rest of his anti-Semitic puppets & fellow trolls on ignore pretty quickly. So I might see some of that shit once in a while but not much.

    Not unlike a drive around town or a walk through the park. Every so often I'm gonna catch a sight of roadkill or a little pile of dog shit, but for the most part I just avert my eyes to that crap and go about my day.
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    Apr 26, 2016 5:49 PM GMT
    It just ads to the humor that he considers himself a genius while being totally oblivious to the general perception on RJ (from "AyaTrollah" [as AlphaTrigger observed years ago] to "an all around shitty excuse of a human being" [Sharkspeare] and now "pile of dog shit").

    theantijock said
    Yeah, that one's garbage for sure. I only see it when quoted or if I've looked at RJ without having logged on. I click that one and the rest of his anti-Semitic puppets & fellow trolls on ignore pretty quickly. So I might see some of that shit once in a while but not much.

    Not unlike a drive around town or a walk through the park. Every so often I'm gonna catch a sight of roadkill or a little pile of dog shit, but for the most part I just avert my eyes to that crap and go about my day.
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    Jan 29, 2017 2:41 AM GMT
    Israel and China deepen economic and cultural ties,7340,L-4914154,00.html
    28 Jan 2017

    Officials from Israel and China are discussing arrangements for a free trade agreement, which is expected to further cement economic ties between the two countries

    Twenty-five years ago, when Israel and China established diplomatic relations, the trade volume between the two countries was $50 million. Today it is over $11 billion, meaning it has increased more than 200 times in the last 25 years.

    There is more and more Chinese investment in Israel, and more Israeli companies are opening offices in China.

    “Our two economies are highly complementary, which means a great potential of deeper and wider cooperation,” Chinese Ambassador to Israel Zhan Yongxin said at an event marking the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations held at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. “Israel is a nation well known for innovation and advanced technology. China has a huge and open market as well as exceptional manufacturing capabilities. Our cooperation will greatly benefit both countries.”

    ...The deeper ties came as China has embarked on a huge program called One Belt, One Road to create a massive new trade corridor by both land and sea between China and Europe. Last year, China’s state controlled shipping company acquired ownership of Greece’s largest port of Piraeus.

    Israel could play a role in this project as well, say Israeli businessmen.

    “If you look at the next few years Israel has the potential for becoming a major trade gateway between Asia and Europe,” Roi Feder, the managing director of APCO Worldwide, a global communications consulting company, said. “Goods could be transferred between the southern port city of Eilat or Ashdod, and go up north to Haifa. Israel could become a logistics hub for goods being stored here.”
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    Aug 15, 2017 9:19 AM GMT

    From beaches to high-tech expertise, Israel's institutions of higher education offer Chinese students a package they can't resist.

    The influx of Chinese students at Israeli universities has been growing steadily in recent years

    On the forefront of this enrollment boom is the University of Haifa, which currently boasts some 200 Chinese students among its student body, compared to 20 in 2013, representing a 1,000% increase.

    A majority of these students come from the University of East China Normal University in Shanghai, which is a sister city of Haifa.

    University of Haifa president Ron Robin welcomes the addition. “The cooperation with strategic partners from Chinese industry and academia serves the strategic goals of the university,” said Robin. “We have positioned ourselves as a leading international institution. As such, we welcome all the Chinese students to Israel, and intend to continue to deepen the ties and cooperation with the Chinese academy.”

    These ties can result in profitable research and development in which millions of dollars are currently being invested in the hopes to further strengthen the bonds between the two countries.

    This past March, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Economy Minister Eli Cohen were present when Robin, along with the Hangzhou Wahaha Group and the Institute of Automation at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, signed a $10-million deal that finalized the construction of three Israeli-Chinese artificial intelligence technology centers in Haifa, Hangzhou and Beijing.

    According to the university, this deal “proved the growing strength of the relationship between the two countries.”

    But the university insists that there’s a lot in it for the students as well, saying that “the Chinese love Haifa’s location that combines mountains and sea, and are very impressed by the city’s large high-tech complex.”

    And it’s not just science-based courses that are attracting the students to Haifa, according to a statement released by the university. “In general, Chinese students are particularly interested in the disciplines for which the University of Haifa has developed unique programs: maritime studies, public health, medical clowning, art therapy, education, national security studies and the English-speaking Global Green MBA, focusing on sustainability and ecological- friendly development – two of the main economic challenges in China.”

    Across town, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology has also seen an influx of Chinese students in recent years. During the 2016-2017 academic year, the school had 117 full-time Chinese students, and 177 Chinese students enrolled in its summer school of engineering.

    The Technion has been intensifying its academic cooperation with Chinese universities and students, and in 2013, together with Shantou University (STU), received a $130m. grant from the Li Ka Shing Foundation to establish a branch of the Technion in the Guangdong Province.

    The Technion hailed the partnership as “a new era of research and innovation in science, engineering and life sciences, an unprecedented cooperation between the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and Shantou Municipal Government, Technion, and STU.”

    The highly anticipated addition to the Technion is scheduled to open its doors in October. Some 240 students from several provinces in China have enrolled for study at the Technion branch, which offers three engineering programs: chemical, material science and biotechnology and food engineering. Preparatory studies begin this month and the first semester begins in October.
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    Aug 19, 2017 3:53 PM GMT
    Israel Technical Institute (Technion) in Haifa, laying of cornerstone (Spring, 1912)




    And the Guangdong campus: