Great massage tips for a happy ending.

Tips for Having a Successful Trade Session

1. Find someone compatible with your level of experience. If not, make it clear that you may be new and need some guidance or a mini lesson. Sets the tone.

2. Be explicit if you are looking for therapeutic, sensual, erotic or a combination of sorts. Also if you want deep pressure in your trade, make sure the guy knows how to safely do deep pressure.

If you want to keep your hard cock out of the equation, We recommend you put in your communication or post – “Non-Sexual”. Then there is no false expectations and you attract guys who just want bodywork.
** see more about sex below **

3. Decide ahead of time how much time you have and can allot to doing the trade. We recommend meeting for 120 minutes, trading with each for 45 minutes, with time to chat, dress, etc….. Make sure you have a clock in the setup room.

4. The host should have a nice area set aside for the massage. Create a nice environment with candles, low lighting, clean sheets, relaxing music. Have a few hand towels and a towel for draping (body temp drops during massage).

Make it known whether you have a table or not, and if you are doing the trade on a bed, the floor (you can make a nice space on an area rug with a yoga mat - covered with a sheet) and some pillows.

5. Make sure you use professional massage cream, gel, or oil. Many people are allergic to the stuff they sell in the drug stores. You can get better selections at Whole foods or the like. Mix in some aromatherapy with essential oils and a diffuser, or a water mist they sell in mint and lavender.

6. Pets – a lot of people are allergic to cats so if you have a cat, make sure you let your partner know.

7. Arrive recently clean and showered unless you guys are into Ripe Pits (hot). But most guys don’t like smelly feet. Trim your nails – long nails don’t feel good in massage trades.

8. Have the room ready before your partner arrives. Have a little chat about what each needs, any physical stuff going on, review the time frame, and be totally open about your experience and/or apprehensions or excitement!

9. Open up the session with some basic chat.
- How are you feeling today? State of Mind -What areas of the body are particularly sore or tight that you want worked on?
- What kind of pressure do you like? On a scale from 1 to 10
- Any injuries, sores, open cuts or areas to avoid for whatever reason?
- Any area of your body you don’t like touched?
- Review the kind of massage again – therapeutic, sensual, erotic, relaxing, or a work out?

10. Begin the massage slowly introducing your touch:
- Vary the Strokes
- Repetition = Relaxation (go over every area at least 3 times)
- Be totally present
- Notice facial expressions; groans; muscles clench or releasing; and other verbal and non-verbal feedback
- Check in now and then on pressure.
- Leave a few minutes on each side to ask receiver if there is an area
they’d like more work on and want you to go over again.
- Divide your time into chunks so that you pace the massage and
cover all areas without having to rush.
- End the massage by slowing down your touch, going into relaxing
and leave your receiver covered and draped in silence for a few minutes before you switch.
- Happy Endings – If you are including happy endings - best to not
save them for the very end as they stimulate all the senses and
energize, so have the release – clean up, and then go back to nice
relaxing touch as the nerve endings will up be fired up.

*** More on Massage & Sex – Blurring the Lines.

Getting charged up and sexy during a massage is natural and hot. However, it’s a slippery slope that can quickly change a massage trade into a sexual encounter! And there’s nothing wrong with that….but….we often want massage and muscle relief and relaxation and a hookup brings a whole new dimension that may not have the healing impact we are seeking.
Plus it engages us in a new mindset that can bring up a lot of issues.

So we have found a great practice that keeps the door open and allows for a great massage trade too:

We recommend that if there is mutual attraction, and the lines are being crossed (i.e. - the massage is moving into the area of kissing, sucking, probing, licking, and more and it’s mutual), then one of you makes the request to save that for after the massage trade ends. “Let’s save that for after we both get our massages in”

Save it for after the “official trade” ends. Then set some new boundaries, ask any questions you need to know about safe sex, std’s, boyfriends, etc… and then get into it…’ll both be all relaxed and charged up and it will be incredibly intense given the post massage state.
Try It! It works best. And by this point – you may be spent and be fine with a happy ending or with just enjoying your post massage bliss.