Dr. Brown, the Deacons, Ministers, and Leadership, the chairs stay: I go. One should not have to tell a church to keep hellish images away from congregants, followers of Salvation because that is Christianity 101. I'm not going another day as a member of this church with those unholy chair tops where the ministers sit on the dais on Sundays. No sacred, holy, blessed message from that dais works visually with those demonic chair tops--and as of today, they are cropped out of the Marble Collegiate Church Facebook banner photo. In person, people have the nice ushers welcoming us. Online we have the three demons on the dais. I saw an article last week that said RCA congregants fell from 300,000 to 280,000. Observant people or people whom God has shown those chair tops as disturbing idols, kept for their age--REJECTING salvation from disturbing images that diminish the success of Marble Collegiate Church, REJECTING a fundraiser for SALVATION from those chairs. Those chairs do not represent Heaven. People can be weak, in the hospital or what have you. They turn on the internet, once a week to be inspired about Life, but those chair tops works against their hope, their expectation, and what we assume is a good and safe mission of a church. So, save my membership for some future day when the dais has been rectified. Until then, that is where my membership information and membership remains filed away for some brighter day, if it ever comes. Past and, with righteousness, future member of Marble Collegiate Church.