The Impossibility of Christianity Spreading AD33 to AD70 and Pagans Converting to Christianity in the 1st Century before AD70

"Christianity is instead the religion proclaimed by Paul, who argued that the death and resurrection of Jesus is the only way to have salvation, quite apart from following the dictates of the Jewish Law."

How impossible to do this, being apart and leading people--Jew and proselyte--away from the dictates of Jewish Law, how impossible among first century Jews before the destruction of the Temple and Temple Judaism. How much easier to do this afterwards, when Pharisees no longer have tactics of enforcement of Temple Judaism because there was no more Temple.

There are those who would agree and would point to how Paul had to get out of town to Caesar for such sacrilege.

"Why would anyone want to leave their pagan religions in order to be a follower of Jesus?"

Part of the answer is the same reason Queen Helena, King Monobazus, and Prince/King Izates left the religion of Adiabene/Edessa/Parthia to become Jews. Jesus was none other than a Jewish apocalyptic prophet. In Josephus' biographical information about Helena, Monobazus, and Izates, we learn why this royal family, contemporaries of Jesus, adopted Judaism. In addition to that royal family leaving their native religion, we have St. Stephen and the Greek leaders (in Acts) who believed in Jesus' Christianity, not Paul's Christianity as Paul was not yet converted. Need we not just read/listen to Stephen's speech to know why pagans became followers of Jesus; for, Jesus' parables and inspirations were classic, as time has proven?