Oscar winner Michael Caine was interviewed at a recent event in Britain, and had this to say regarding some of todays young stars:

He said: "These days they just say I'm going to be an actor because I want to be rich and famous. And then they do a little part on television and everyone knows who they are. They can't really act.

"I knew I wasn't going to be rich, I knew I wasn't going to be famous, I knew I wasn't going to be a movie star, I just wanted to be a good actor, that's all."

Sir Michael is one of just two actors - the other being Jack Nicholson - to have been nominated for an Oscar in every decade from the 1960s to the 2000s.

He won his first supporting actor award for Hannah And Her Sisters and his second for The Cider House Rules.

Talking about a host of stars who find fame at a young age, he said: "They're very young now. I was 30 before I became well known. I've watched it ruin people. By the time they're 30, they're through."

Interesting perspective.