Safe Space & Trigger Warning Debate Continues, Oxford law students allowed to leave class if the class study is too violent for them

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    May 14, 2016 9:44 PM GMT

    I mean it's totally understandable, I need to watch what I say too when I'm round my toddler nephew and nieces... icon_lol.gificon_rolleyes.gif

    We should advocate for med school students too, so they're allowed to leave class if they find blood and dead bodies can cause trigger. They really need protection.
    Though of course that won't happen because this ridiculous stuff rarely happen in STEM classes.

    I can see if giving "warning" may be warranted. But being allowed to leave class? Really?
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    May 14, 2016 10:07 PM GMT

    I got an A in 10th grade biology but I didn't get 100 not because I played with the hamsters in the back room while teacher exposed a frog's beating heart which I had no intention of watching but after weeks of dissecting that smelling as fuck fetal pig, ick fucking ick, even though I knew every bone, every artery, every organ, teacher decided it was time for me to touch that gross thing. Noooo. not happening. So he asks me to show him the pancreas. So I pointed and poked it with my poking stick. That wasn't good enough for'm. He says to me, how big is it. I guess most of it was covered up by that intestine thingy or whatever is down there, not sure now, been a long time. I opened my fingers "well, it looks about this big.

    So teacher takes his pudgy fingers and sticks them right into that smelly pig inners and pulls at the thing. Oh, I see, much bigger than I thought it was. So he marks me off a point. I get a fucking 99.

    Another time to completely gross me out, he pulls one of my brother's numbers on me. After dissecting oysters, the fucker brings in cocktail sauce and they all eat the things right there at the lab tables. Ewwwww. I went back to play with the hamsters.

    Of course now that I'm older, all I have to deal with is people asking me for anal sex. I'd rather dissect a fetal pig. Ya'll are disgusting.
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    May 15, 2016 12:46 AM GMT
    Even ten or fifteen years ago, I got letters from some odd administrative officer, telling me that certain students were exempt from quizzes or exams because they felt "threatened" in a traditional classroom. All of their exams were taken in private rooms, with private (taxpayer funded) proctors. One student even had a university employee record the lectures, so she or he didn't have to attend.

    These were supposed to be pre-med and nursing students. icon_rolleyes.gif Well, I suppose everyone is free to take the class if they want. They're just never gonna get the job. Unless they're a "protected minority" or something. icon_rolleyes.gif

    This is in addition to the two or three people (pretty much always women) who called me up every single semester... "Hi! I've enrolled in your class, but I'm going on vacation for four of the ten weeks. So how are you going to accommodate me?"
    icon_mad.gif. But that's another whole ball of hyper-entitlement.