Traveling out of state but don't know where to go. What college did you go to? Help a brother out.. Kind of long read.

  • May 23, 2016 7:29 AM GMT
    From past threads you may know I'm moving out of state more than likely to study in James Madison University in Virginia, University Of South Carolina, or Augusta University In Boston, (I'm still looking at my options). I will be pursuing an International Business degree. I definitely do not want to go to a state like California, I prefer the eastern states.

    I was born in Mexico, came to the U.S. and naturalized. Never had the chance to travel or visit places outside of my hometown in Texas. Now I have traveled across 10 states and I've enjoyed every bit of it, the experiences I went through give me an incentive to move beyond this town into places with more chances for success. However I am afraid. I have the opportunity to move into almost any college that accepts me in any state thanks to the support of an important person in my life. But with so many schools and states I have never visited I don't know how I am supposed to make up my mind.

    The population were I reside is 80% Hispanic, after traveling,for the first time I experienced what being a Minority is really like. Yeah I got called a spic a few times on grindr, I got some weird looks when I walked into a restaurant. Perhaps some people thought "from what river did this one crawled out of," but for the most part everyone was pleasant and it was an AMAZING look at a new kind of world.

    I am looking to move out of this place, into a state that has a college capable of offering good education to aid my success.

    So far I only have three in my mind and these are more than likely my top choices based on my major. How did you guys decide what was the best for you? Although I will have some support, the effort will have to be done by me, yes I have made some threads that talk about my wishful desire to have an amazing sex life in college, but that priority comes right after the establishment of a good career for my future. I would like to live in a medium sized town a few hours away from a big town, just for convenience and fun nights. I do not want to go to a party college.

    Can move to any state with colleges that accept me.
    Don't know where
    How did you decide?

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    May 23, 2016 1:40 PM GMT
    consider Colorado, either Denver or Fort Collins. A good mix of all you talked about. Also:
    -successful existing Hispanic communities
    -lgbt accepting
    -CU Denver is a downtown campus, moderate cost, good transportation options but rentals are high