Attention Seeking Blogger Got it Wrong. Clinton actually is winning the popular vote — by a wide margin

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    May 24, 2016 2:57 AM GMT
    Writer and activist Shaun King has a prolific presence on social media and an outspoken passion for Bernie Sanders. King appeared in Sanders's Spike Lee-directed promotional video that came out shortly before the New York primary, and he has consistently advocated for the senator from Vermont on Twitter for months.

    On Thursday, he used Twitter to vent about something that frustrated him: Hillary Clinton's assertion that she leads the Democratic primary by 3 million votes, a figure that he says is inaccurate and overstated.

    It isn't...

    ...The idea that the popular vote totals are flawed because caucuses aren't included has been floating around for a while. The point of questioning the sum is obvious: To question the extent to which Democratic voters (and independents voting in Democratic contests, who usually favor Sanders) have preferred Clinton as the party's nominee.

    This has been floating around so long, in fact, The Post's fact-checkers looked at this issue at the beginning of April. Did Clinton at that point actually lead by 2.5 million votes, as she claimed? No, she didn't.

    She led by 2.4 million votes....

    ...In total, then, Clinton's lead over Sanders in the popular vote is 2.9 million...

    ...That number will continue to change. There are only two big states left — New Jersey and California — both of which vote June 7. Clinton leads by a wide margin in New Jersey, where more than a million people turned out in 2008. She has a smaller lead in California, where about 5 million voted in the Democratic primary eight years ago. For Sanders to pass Clinton in the popular vote, he would need turnout like 2008 in California — and to win by 57 points...

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    May 25, 2016 2:42 PM GMT

    I await the riots at the Dem convention when the Bernie fans find out Hildebeast is the nominee:
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    May 25, 2016 3:50 PM GMT
    Sanders has different sets of supporters. Those of us who are Democrats, those who are left leaning independents, fringe and those who are nothing but idiots who believe anything they read on the internet & who might just as well be Republicans (no doubt that's how they'll vote should Sanders fail to get the primary by popular vote which so far seems the case). The latter will not be missed. But I'd think that most Sanders supporters would move towards whoever wins fairly the Democratic Primary and understand that the party will be moving towards the ideals Sanders has been thankfully championing.

    That there might be protest, I've zero issues with that expression and I encourage that debate. As Bernie says, Democracy is messy and I agree with that hairdo. That there might be riots? I've zero doubt that Trump would try to incite that. Sanders has come out against violent behavior and I'd imagine he'll do his part to quell overly aggressive disruption.

    To a Faux link of polling right now, I won't even bother to click. Let's look at the numbers again after the conventions because there's no comparing Clinton to Trump when one's an apple still in a primary and the other is decidedly an orange.