Cruise ship encounter

  • anon66

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    May 29, 2016 5:55 PM GMT
    Just thought I'd share this very real story of what happened on a recent cruise I went on, and open a thread for anything similar that people wanna share.

    I recently came off a short cruise on one of the BIG ones for a big cruise company (gonna have to keep things anonymous). Ship was great, but being on a short getaway with family with hardly any privacy really leaves you feeling horny as hell. I hadn't been able to jack off in like 2 whole days which is forever for me. So I was literally busting. Luckily this ship had some high tech wi-fi, so internet was available at sea.

    Balls literally busting, I had to obviously refer to Grindr to see what was about. Not a great deal of people, but a few, so I'm browsing away and a message pops up.

    'Are you on *insert ship name here*'?

    And thus starts an interaction between me and what turns out to be one of the countless room attendants. Now I've read a lot of stuff online about crew members and how they're strictly forbidden to fraternise with guests in the manner which Grindr suggests. So I was pretty sure I'd written him off already. Obviously he had no profile picture, but as we spoke more, he sent one over. A cute oriental guy from the Philippines. I'll refer to this guy as 'Adam'.

    So we go back and forth, and 'Adam' is on a room cleaning shift, and actually tells me to go to deck *X* on the ship. He also told me there was a bathroom which was out of the way, where we could have fun. He wanted to fuck me, but I was only really interested in sucking cock at that point. He said that was fine. The thought was getting me so horny, I thought, 'what the hell' and decided to make my way to his deck.

    He messaged me and told me he was around room *x*, so I made my way to said room and there he was, in his uniform and all. At first I didn't know it was him, until I walked past and did a double take, and he coyly said Hi. There were a few other workers around and guests, but then he made it out like he was trying to direct me somewhere as if I was lost, so i just followed. We made our way through some corridors until I saw the bathroom sign on the right, and a disabled one.

    He whispered for me to go inside and wait, and the made out as if he was going back to work on something further along the corridor.

    I took the hint and walked inside. I waited for a while, so nervous, as there were cameras littered on the ship, so we had to be careful. About a minute later, the door opens, and to my relief, it was the cute Philippine room attendant, and not a guest!

    He quickly made his way in and proceeded to embrace me. Introduced himself, told me he was absolutely shitting it, as he'd never done this before. Hell he must've been REALLY horny to put his job on the line. I couldn't believe this was happening, and Immediately sunk to my knees, and he got the idea, and unbuckled his trousers, pulled his boxers down and revealed his already leaking, hard cock.

    Saying this as an asian myself, he had quite the member on him surprisingly. I was so turned on at this moment. We could hear other guests outside, and even some of his colleagues. I was so nervous, but so horny at the same time.

    Anyway, I reached for his leaking cock, gave it a few strokes, and heard him breath heavily. He was throbbing. Then I just dived in and started giving him head like my life depended on it. Just working his cock with my tongue and going down on it balls deep. It was so obvious that he hadn't had anything like this in what must've been forever. He tasted amazing. I could feel his rock hard cock throb in my throat, as he proceeded to grab my head and face fuck me. I tried to keep the noise down to the minimum, and suddenly dived down the length of his cock which made him moan a little too loud for comfort.

    We could've literally been caught any minute. This continued for a while, and I could tell he was getting really close. I motioned for him not to cum all over me, as I didn't really fancy explaining any jizz stains to my family. He just nodded and proceeded to face fuck me with his rock hard cock. I was going down really fast now, twisting my mouth around his knob end, sucking hard. He was nearly there. I proceeded to jerk him off using the excess spit to close my fist around his cock head and then down his shaft. He really liked it when I did that ;)

    As I was sucking his cock, I noticed a certain ring on his left finger. Poor guy must've been so horny for this, but I was more than happy to oblige.

    He said was gonna cum soon, and I continued to suck him off a little more, really working his bell end with my lips. He let out a moan, as I directed his cock to the bathroom floor and holy-shit. He literally shot off like a geyser. Just rope, after rope hitting the floor. The sound of it got me really worked up. He was doubled over, as the cum just kept cumming and cumming, literally. As his orgasm subsided, he gathered himself, and then went back into cleaning mode, and cleaned up his mess.

    He chuckled to himself, and then leant in for a kiss and told me to wait in here for a while before coming out, and to exit to the right, as there was a camera directly around the corner to the left.

    Of course I waited, wanked myself off, shot the biggest load ever, before I left.

    So MORALE OF THE STORY IS...Yes you can have fun with crew, but you just need to be careful about it ;) It was honestly one of the horniest encounters I've had of this nature ;)
  • SilverRRCloud

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    May 30, 2016 6:06 AM GMT
    A very cool story!

    Cruise lines, like so many businesses have folks who write those rule books for them. The rule book is out there for the commercial operation to be protected against any claims as much as possible. It also allows the company to fire someone in breach/violation of those rules on the spot and possibly without any compensation whatsoever. Beyond this, they could not really care less if anyone sucks dick, gets fucked or whatever along those lines really happens.

    Crew and service workers are generally poorly paid folks. Benefits are close to none. So, losing a lousy job if bad comes to worse is a decreasingly frightening option to many folks involved.

    The world has changed. Having a good job a while ago was a major asset. And most folks went quite some ways to do their utmost to protect their respective standing with their employers. We live now in very, very different times. You may lose your job for a myriad of reasons, none of these depending on you whatsoever, and no one will ever do anything about it. Hence, a Grindr and some fun on the side, now and then, may sound like a good option...


  • Aug 29, 2016 7:32 PM GMT
    I had 2 encounters. Ive been on 27 cruises. One I had sex with the Cruise Director (of all people) in the gym showers, and other time Had same type encounter in a gym bathroom with locked door with another crew member after seeing each other in the steam room and taking showers. Few yrs back I messed around with a dancer in the steam room. Last cruise last yr, I met another passenger in the steam room and we went back to my cabin afterwards. On the 27 cruises ive been on, Ive gotten lucky on most of them.