The Real Barack Obama

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    Jun 05, 2016 2:35 PM GMT

    || POLITICO: Speaking at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Miami on Friday, President Barack Obama expressed his support for his party’s embattled chairwoman — Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
    “She’s had my back, I want to make sure we have her back,” he said.
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    Wasserman Schultz has faced blistering criticism in recent weeks, with some insiders speculating she could be ousted before the convention in July amid a drawn-out Democratic primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
    Sanders has accused Wasserman Schultz of bias toward Clinton — and has endorsed her primary challenger, law professor Tim Canova.
    Removing a sitting party chair in the middle of an election would be complicated, and Obama has generally refrained from intervening in the primary contest.
    On Friday, however, he expressed his unequivocal support, saying Wasserman Schultz is “somebody who I don’t know how she does it, because she’s everywhere all the time, non-stop, and she’s a mom and a wife and has been just incredibly supportive of my agenda.”

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    Jun 06, 2016 1:58 PM GMT
    the OP is from the UK
    Obama, is not a personal friend and all of this is isolated from real life. Not like any of these politicians are held responsible. For example look at goofy George Bush who's administration created a tangle of global war and recession. GBush was ignorant and unstable. Eight years later they were trying to get is goofy brother in as president. That didnt work so we got Trump to run.

    you have to ask your self were you empowered and make money during the administration. If yes; the president's administration was successful. Both Bill Clinton and Obama did not kill off developing economic situations that worked. Sad but if a government is disabled and dosnt do anything, it means the government did less harm.
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    Jun 06, 2016 3:36 PM GMT
    What's up with my nationality? icon_lol.gif