GAWD! ... Makes Us ... Randy!

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    Jun 06, 2016 4:59 PM GMT
    God as Solar System Makes Us Randy
    Mars Retrograde Opposition Venus
    (Extra Randy if we're already Randy and Randy if we're not)
    Title: Sexual Energy
    Valid during many months

    If you suppress your sexuality in platonic relationships at this time, you may become irritable and feisty.

    This effect may be so subtle that you are not even aware of what is happening at the time. If you cannot fulfill your secret desire to make love to someone, you may become angry and harsh with that person.

    There is nothing to be done about this except to be aware of it and not take your feelings too seriously. But if there is any possibility of a sexual relationship with the person in question, feel free to initiate it.

    Persons in creative activities such as arts or crafts can also express the energy of this influence through their work. If you have any ability along these lines you will be able to express yourself through your art more effectively than usual.

    ~ ~ ~

    As usual, in a law-abiding world, just because GAWD makes us Horny that does not make us less than gentlemen -- like Socrates advises, maintain our moderation, pray, have friends and prospects who are understanding of one's spiritual humanity.

    No getting drunk/high.
    Control this Spiritual Energy GAWD has given through his cabinet members MARS and VENUS.
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    Jun 06, 2016 5:30 PM GMT
    Mars Retrograde Opposition Venus
    During Many Months?
    It doesn't take that long for Mars to transit the point and the orb.

    Because Mars is Retrograde, its going back and forth or something.