The aortic dissection is a heart disease that causes a sprain in the wall of the principal artery and a fatal internal blood leak. It say that the causes are multiple, for example aging, lesions, hypertension or hereditary problems.

John Ritter (My Favorite Actor and whom I have a crush), died about an aortic diseccion and his family was alleged a misdiagnosed about medical part, well, never he was before noticed about the possible problem and the day of his death, the case was treaty as an infarct.

My question is: Which is the possibility of be confused a heart attack with an aneurism like aortic dissection and how to act to something so?

Other restlessnes that I have is about the John Ritter's last weiight, well he in his last years gained it much, then I like know if the overweight, is influence in the aortic dissection.

Also, I believe that stress, depression and axiety maybe cause aortic problems and widening.

That is a very complex case and I want to know what do you think guys. And if here have someone survivor to aortic dissection, give his testimony and I like know if the exercise and sane life prevents if.