I don't know the history or political record of current Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai. I expect his politics and motivations are very different from my own. Nevertheless, it took some guts, in a society as sick as that of Israel (where a soldier who executes a wounded Palestinian is celebrated as a national hero, and where Palestinian children are left to bleed to death on the streets while locals scream at them to "die") to say what he said a few days ago after the terrorist attack that shook the city. His comments are reproduced in full below:

|| We might be the only country in the world where another nation is under occupation without civil rights.

|| The problem is that when there is no terrorism, no one talks about [the occupation] . . . Nobody has the guts to take a step towards trying to make some kind of [final status] arrangement. We are 49 years into an occupation that I was a participant in, and I recognise the reality and know that leaders need courage to not just talk.

|| We need to show our neighbours that we really intend to return to a reality of a smaller Jewish state with a solid Jewish majority.


|| You cannot continue to keep people in a situation where they are under your occupation and expect them to come to the conclusion that everything is fine.

|| The reality has to change for the worse in order for [our] awareness to change to the point where [we understand] that we have to evacuate.