Abu Asser, an unemployed Gazan who recently completed his academic studies, also stated that “American policy is responsible for the attack.”

“The Americans need to reconsider their policies if they want to prevent the recurrence of attacks of this kind. American policy turns the U.S. into an enemy of the Arab and Muslim people, not only an enemy of the different groups in Syria and Iraq,” he stated.

According to Abu Asser, the Orlando attack will not be the last..

Adnan Hussein says he opposes the attack, “But it’s good that the public in the U.S. will think that they can be the victims of their government’s policies. When you have casualties in Iraq, there will be casualties in the U.S. While I oppose ISIS and oppose the attack, I want the Americans to think about the price of their government’s policies...

Sufian believes that the attack was successful in every way. “An attack on homosexuals who challenge Allah and have male intercourse, which all religions forbid, and also an attack on the head of the axis of evil in the world, America and American civilians who don’t go out to the streets to protest against their government’s policies.”