should freeze Iranian assets until official persecution of gays has ended

The world has long turned a blind eye to the slaughter of gay men and women in Islamic countries. The lifeless bodies of innocent gay men dangling from cranes in the town squares of Iran. The innocent Palestinian gay men and women murdered on false charges of collaboration with Israel by Hamas in Gaza. An infinite number of laws and draconian punishments against gays in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

But the Orlando massacre has brought necessary attention to the extremist Islamic assault against homosexuality....

...When the Iran nuclear agreement was concluded by President Obama and John Kerry, I wondered about this. The President is pro-gay marriage and I do not deny that he is a friend of the LGBT community. Would it have been difficult for him, during these protracted negotiations where Iran was desperate for a deal and was going bankrupt without it, to condemn Iran’s treatment of gays? Could he have not said even once that he deplores the site of gay men hanging from construction cranes in Tehran?

More mystifying is how the LGBT lobby never once demanded this of the President.

...But the LGBT lobby is well-organized, disciplined, and determined in demanding that gay rights be respected and that gay lives matter. So why were they silent on Iran?

Was it because they felt they had no obligation to gay men and women outside the United States and that the issue of gay rights pertained specifically to marriage in the United States and other Western countries?