Gay Bars in NYC (For A Guy New To This)

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    Jun 17, 2016 8:26 PM GMT
    So I've been thinking about going to a gay bar (or somewhere that gay people go to meet up and have fun, not sexual fun). I'm really not the bar type of guy and I just want to go and experience this. I've never gone somewhere that was mostly gay people. I'm nervous to try it, so I'm kind of looking for somewhere that will be easier for me to mingle with people and not a judgmental place. Does anyone know anywhere like that in NYC? Even if it's not a bar, it can be like gay groups or something that have meet-ups or do fun things like hikes or something. I would really appreciate any help.

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  • Noeton

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    Jun 17, 2016 8:50 PM GMT
    I like Mickey Spillane's in Hell's Kitchen. It is really relaxed and it has seating on the sidewalk. Take a drink and do some people watching. It didn't start out as a gay bar, but it basically became one because of the neighborhood. It's small and "mixed" -- including mixed in age group. Basically any bar in Hell's Kitchen counts as at least partially gay. Good luck.