"Vicious" is our favorite British TV comedy sitcom. About 2 old queens who live (and battle) together. The lead actors are 2 knighted titans of British theatre and film, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi. Both are gay and out in real life, as well.

We may not be British knights ourselves (DUH!), but we identify with 2 old queens trading faux insults, which entertains our friends endlessly. Also watch for Iwan Rheon playing their clueless neighbor "Ash". You may know him better as the evil "Ramsay Bolton" (Snow) from "Game of Thrones". icon_exclaim.gif

It's phenomenal to watch them acting like silly buffoons on camera, especially knowing the great & serious Shakespearean roles those 2 have taken. And also Rheon from "Thrones". But then I've always contended that no actors on Earth have the range that the Brits do.

These 2 distinguished knights playing against each other is epic, even if it's just a goofy comedy. Goofy, yet with clever writing and sly social and sociological insights, another trait of the British theatrical tradition. They are not the inheritors of Shakespeare's legacy for nothing. Nor Oscar Wilde's & Noel Coward's, for that matter.

It's a new release, made just this year. Production can be sporadic, given the busy demands on the leads (Sir Ian plays "Gandalf" in the Lord of the Rings movie franchise). In fact, it's a special 1-hour presentation, I think possibly a compilation from past episodes. Airing 8PM EDST Sunday, 6-19 on our PBS channel. Check your own local US listings. If not tonight then hopefully it will be soon in your market.

I'll be making popcorn for us. And we'll be choking with laughter, if not from my popcorn. Hope to see you there! icon_biggrin.gif