I don't know how a man can get a boyfriend over here in the Palouse (Eastern Washington/Idaho Panhandle) region. I'm from Seattle originally but ever since I lost my virginity to a man the day after my 24th birthday, I've wanted a long term relationship where me and my friend could hang out in public as friends (to avoid being judged by the country folk) but be close in private.

The closest thing to a boyfriend I ever had was a long term cuddle buddy who broke up with me for forgetting his birthday (I only remember my own and those that happen on holidays) and a guy who only wants me for sex.

I'm only out with a few persons I trust and the small handful of guys I hooked up with. The weirdest thing is that despite becoming more and more homosexual (I used to be mostly heterosexual), I'm still 100% heteroromantic though I haven't gone on any dates since I moved here.

Does anyone know how gay men can fall in love out here in the country? Grindr guys seem to want nothing but sex and OKCupid has virtually no men in my general vicinity.