Roman Catholic Pope (Christian terrorist) asks LGBT to settle for the poison of Homophobic holy water

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    Jun 21, 2016 4:47 PM GMT
    Q: Just who is GymFreak aka theantiCock (mockery of my screenname theantijock) pka OnTarget?
    A: Just some poster filled with hate who spews ANTI-SEMITIC and HOMOPHOBIC in his RADICAL ISLAMIST rage against RJ

    How do we know this to be true?

    Because GymFreak declared that a child who converted to Christianity, this young gay youth, offspring of Palestinian Terrorist Hamas Founder, should have let his own Muslim family "honor kill" him for being gay. He stated that the 14-year-old kid was a "loser" because he fled his own family to save his young gay life.

    theantijock said on this thread
    GymFreak aka theantiCock said
    theantijock said...except that CNN recorded his own "Palestinian" father threatening his own son with death...

    Maybe because "John Calvin" was threatening his own family? He is a sellout loser.

    You call this kid, who left his family home in fear at 14, this kid saving his own life from being killed by his own family, this kid as selling out?

    There is not one good person on this forum, not one good person in this country, not one good person on this planet, not one good person known to God who would read that and not think that you are disgusting.

    Oh Sinnerman where you gonna run to?

    And so here in this thread, this blood libel, this horseshit, here we see how he only came onto RJ to spew his hate.

    For here's the truth of that: Authority promotes well-poisoning blood libel

    Hamas official mistakenly identifies MK Eichler as non-existent rabbi who called to poison Palestinian water supply.

    The Palestinian Authority’s Foreign Ministry revived the well-worn blood libel of Jews poisoning wells this week.

    The PA’s Foreign Ministry released a statement on Sunday citing a supposed ruling by a “Rabbi Mlmad” authorizing Israelis to poison Palestinian wells.

    The Palestinian Foreign Ministry also accused Israel of cutting off water to West Bank Palestinians, a false accusation that was debunked last week.

    False accusations of poisoning wells have been used to inflame violence against Jews since as early as the Middle Ages.

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    Jun 21, 2016 10:05 PM GMT
    bro shut the fuck up