Society of Central Florida
Resolution Condemning Horrific Attack in Orlando (Pulse Nightclub)

The Hindu Society of Central Florida (HSCF) and its
members strongly condemn the horrific and barbaric attack
on the Orlando nightclub Pulse on Sunday June 12th 2016.
In the wake of this sad, tragic, and horrendous act of
hatred and violence, the members of the Hindu Society of
Central Florida (HSCF) extend our sincere condolences to
the families and friends of those who were killed and
injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. We at
HSCF are ready, able and willing to assist and support all
efforts to serve, minister, and help all those affected.
HSCF members are sincerely thankful for the heroic acts
of our first responders, law enforcement agencies, medical
personnel, and volunteers that saved hundreds of lives.
You are all Heroes!
Let us continue to be vigilant, watchful, and thoughtful
during these times and also be ever ready to assist and
support all efforts to serve and help.
Remaining united in prayer and service for the community,
Devotees of Hindu Society of Central Florida

Not one mention of Gay
Not one mention of LGBT

Here they've set up a page for blood donations without mention of whose blood was spilled