Obviously that's my take on the study, not their title.

Sydney at one point said i should respect, acknowledge or acquiesce the "community view"....even if it's woefully wrong?


"In total, 2599 HIV-negative, untested and HIV-positive men participated (n = 1283 in 2011 and n = 1316 in 2013). Attitudes changed little between 2011 and 2013; most participants remained sceptical about the preventative benefits of HIV treatment. In 2013, only 2.6% of men agreed that HIV treatment prevented transmission;


"Gay and bisexual men remain largely sceptical about relying on ART to prevent HIV transmission. As we have noted before, this suggests that educating gay and bisexual men about advances in prevention science may be necessary to reassure HIV-positive people and their partners that sustained viral suppression appears to dramatically reduce the chance of transmission [10]. However, we previously noted that TasP does not appear to be a particularly acceptable strategy to gay and bisexual men (in Australia!), and community attitudes do not appear to have changed much in the last few years. This suggests a mismatch between strategic and policy efforts to maximise the preventative benefits of ART and community attitudes to acceptable forms of HIV prevention."

While 70% understand the benefits of ART for treatment. 70% is still too low.

Why are Australian MSM so ill informed?

Back in 2008

Australasians reject Swiss statement - model predicts fourfold increase in HIV transmission over 10 years
Edwin J. Bernard
Published: 28 July 2008

HIV transmission among serodiscordant monogamous couples in which the HIV-positive partner has an undetectable viral load due to effective treatment might rise fourfold over a decade if condom use is abandoned, suggests a mathematical model published this week.

The study, published in the July 26th edition of The Lancet coincides with the publication of a joint Australasian statement developed in response to the Swiss statement, which concludes that consistent condom use and early and effective treatment for sexually transmitted infections “is the only way to prevent HIV spread.”

The impact of antiretroviral therapy on sexual transmission has been the subject of intense debate this year, following publication of guidance from the Swiss Federal AIDS Commission (EKAF) stating that an individual with a blood plasma undetectable viral load is not infectious under certain conditions. "


That was not to happen of course. And Australia look a 180 degree turn to accept TasP. But that rebuttal left a lasting legacy to TasP doubt for prevention.