Sun Burn Itch?

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    Jul 04, 2016 11:52 PM GMT
    Got slightly sun burned at the beach last week, even after using sunblock, I guess I missed the middle part of my back

    Started itching really bad yesterday, especially after shower. Tried my aloe gel, it worked but only temporarily. When searching internet for sun burn itch, pictures of products came up including something I already had in my medical cabinet. I only use Benadryl tablets for my allergies I get around the change of seasons. I have never used Benadryl in topical anti itch form before, cream or ointment. For some reason, the itching was horrendous this time and I didn't have anything but aloe, I was desperate to find relief.

    The tablets DO WORK too for sun burn itch! If you find yourself without topical anti itch stuff this summer, try the tablets for sun burn!

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    Jul 05, 2016 8:58 PM GMT
    Be careful though usually it's not recommended to operate a vehicle for long distances if you took this since it can make you sleepy. It is also another alternative to use if you have minor issues trying to sleep (use it all the time before a plane ride here) Allegra is also another similar thing to use for that as well except it doesn't have the chemical in them to make you sleepy. Just make sure before you take any medication read the labels and directions before taking them, and of course know your drug allergies too.
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    Aug 10, 2016 2:27 PM GMT
    Apple cider vinegar on the skin