Trump Says He'll Protect Constitution's Non-Existent 'Article XII'

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    Jul 08, 2016 5:49 PM GMT Donald Trump the Constitution is yuge...and a lot bigger than it actually is.

    Trump told House Republicans Thursday he will make sure to protect the Constitution if he becomes president -- including a non-existent Article XII.

    The presumptive GOP nominee, who was on Capitol Hill Thursday to charm rank-and-file Republicans and build party unity, told members he would be the "best constitutional president ever," according to Rep. Reid Ribble, R-Wisconsin, a Trump skeptic.

    Rep. Mark Sanford, R-South Carolina, said Trump promised to protect several articles of the Constitution -- including "Article XII," even though the Constitution has seven articles.

    "It was the normal stream of consciousness that's long on hyperbole and short on facts," Sanford told reporters after the meeting.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, said the meeting was productive.

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    Jul 25, 2016 1:58 PM GMT Trump: 'I'm for Article XII'

    The GOP presidential nominee raised some eyebrows by pledging support for a non-existent section of the U.S. Constitution.


    At a closed-door meeting with House Republicans, Mr. Trump took a question about the U.S. Constitution. House Republicans have been especially focused [on] Article I, which spells out the powers granted to Congress, because of concern about overreach by the executive branch. This concern has been acute during President Barack Obama’s time in the Oval Office.

    In attempting to demonstrate his reverence for the U.S. Constitution, Mr. Trump said that he supported not just Article I, but an Article XII as well. That caused some brows to furrow, because the U.S. Constitution has only seven articles.