Its really a Karmic evolution if you ask me, hopefully the Dallas PD has "awakened" to their problems they have been ignoring icon_idea.gif

The DPD may have been attacked by the right wing Nazi's that control North Dallas after finally assisting Oaklawn icon_idea.gif

Taking Back Oak Lawn chronicles the movement in Dallas' LGBTQ community that arose as a response to a series of attacks on gay men in the Oak Lawn neighborhood.

As the number of attacks increased, community members began to hold rallies throughout the neighborhood. It was at one of the rallies in October that Steven Pomerantz decided to film the movement and turn it into a documentary, Taking Back Oak Lawn. The film, which premiered in April at the USA Film Festival, originally started out as a platform to address the attacks, but ended up snowballing into a story about a bigger movement within the city’s LGBTQ community, to stand together and restore a sense of safety to the neighborhood

Michael Dominguez and Burke Burnett, both survivors of attacks, played a key part in the movement, and because of them, Pomerantz was able to film every interview, committee meeting, and town hall meeting about the issue. Pomerantz says he was out filming three to four nights a week. In Oak Lawn, police patrols were increased, lighting added, and cameras installed, but attacks have continued ever after the release of the film. Of the 18 attacks, not one had a witness, none were caught on surveillance cameras, and only one was officially classified as a hate crime by Dallas police, Pomerantz says.

“Everybody who was attacked was a gay man in the Oak Lawn area,” he says. “In my mind, it doesn’t get ‘defined’ as a hate crime. To me, they’re all hate crimes. They’re targeting a specific area and a specific type of person.”