short version of my heartbreak

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    Jul 14, 2016 3:49 AM GMT
    [10:10 PM, 7/6/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: Will have to call you tomorrow, you probably noticed that I'm quiet this days
    [10:10 PM, 7/6/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: We are not talking as much as we used to
    [10:13 PM, 7/6/2016] You: I kinda figured out that u r not into texting that much. Well,even myself I wouldn't chat everyday. But just saying hi to u is ok for me. As long as u fine with good morning and goodnight text I am cool.
    [10:14 PM, 7/6/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: Thanks... I am fine.. Hope you are also really fine
    [10:14 PM, 7/6/2016] You: I am great,every well man. Same to u I hope
    [10:16 PM, 7/6/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: Yes... I have been under the weather lately... Lot has been happening
    [10:16 PM, 7/6/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: Or rather happening
    [10:16 PM, 7/6/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: But will give you a call tomorrow afternoon when you are up
    [10:17 PM, 7/6/2016] You: As long long u r well man its all good.
    [10:17 PM, 7/6/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: Ok thanks
    [1:14 PM, 7/7/2016] You: Good afternoon man. I hope your day is going nicely
    [1:51 PM, 7/7/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: Good afternoon
    [9:29 PM, 7/7/2016] You: Yeah man,here is a good night to you. I hope the weather is not that terrible for u.
    [9:59 PM, 7/7/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: Not at all my ninja... Good night
    [1:11 PM, 7/8/2016] You: Good afternoon man. Pls let me know when I can call u. I just want to know if there is still gonna be meeting again in the near future
    [1:15 PM, 7/8/2016] You: It happens that sometimes our thoughts change or meet some1 more compatible with. People give hints all the time instead of saying something. So I just want to be sure that I am not supposed to be catching the hint. Eita
    [1:16 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: I'll call you in few minutes
    [1:16 PM, 7/8/2016] You: Cul
    [1:44 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: How are you?
    [1:44 PM, 7/8/2016] You: I am good man,u?
    [1:45 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: I'm alright
    [1:46 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: In this case I have not met anyone who is compatible... Cause I just came out of the relationship and it won't be fair to make anyone to fall in love with me
    [1:47 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: Cause I know that I easily fall in love when I spend time with people
    [1:47 PM, 7/8/2016] You: yeah,true that. I just wanted clarity. Thanks
    [1:49 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: I'm just getting scared that I'll hurt myself
    [1:50 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: This time around I'm just thinking about my feelings and not knowing what are your intensions with our relationship
    [1:53 PM, 7/8/2016] You: Initially I was just glad that we met by chance so I never put much thought. In fact I thought oh yeah he might be in a relationship and all that. But then somehow along I got swallowed by our conversations hence the other day I said I will need a safety net
    [1:54 PM, 7/8/2016] You: When we were talking I believed that we would be open but I dnt know what happened
    [1:54 PM, 7/8/2016] You: I got the fact that u still dealing with ur recent break-up during those calls
    [1:56 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: At the back of my mind I wanted to just fuck.but I realised that it's gonna dent this relationship... Which I think with your permission will result in a beautiful friendship
    [1:57 PM, 7/8/2016] You: And I am aware of how it is hard to just say uuuhhm this just doesn't feel right,then instead of saying anything giving hints hints. U know, with u it was gonna be different cos in my mind I kinda knew u bfo,so because of that I just expected us to say what it is
    [1:59 PM, 7/8/2016] You: Super my friend,I am glad that the confusion is outta window and I can move swiftly. To a promising friendship,I toast
    [1:59 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: This is awkward for me cause I'm single and behaviour as if I'm in.a relationship
    [2:01 PM, 7/8/2016] Joshua Quinton Harrison: But yah....I don't want to be close with anyone romantically... I'll just have to flirt but not touch or meeting
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    Jul 14, 2016 7:20 AM GMT
    Ya ... that's what they all say icon_rolleyes.gif

    Don't waste your time, it will never happen
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    Jul 15, 2016 3:19 AM GMT
    What a loser! It's sad that he doesn't have the balls to just come out and say what he wants... He's like a lot of single gay men these days with the, "It's not you, it's me" nonsense. This isn't high school. Plus, it's kind of interesting that you brought up his arrest, and he started to ghost. Good for you!

    Mate, move on and find someone more deserving of your time. This guy is a waste.


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    Jul 19, 2016 4:59 AM GMT
    I'm afraid I don't understand - without you introducing some background, why your title is 'Short Verison of My Heartbreak'. What your concern is here, since there's no background information other than you've been in contact with him prior to these exchanges. Have you met? And then dated and now it seems to be going backward? Or have you never met and this is on online communication? It sounds, from reading it, you've never met. So, wherefore the heartbreak?
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    Aug 16, 2016 12:19 AM GMT
    Actually he lied, him and his boyfriend (whom he told me they broke up) are in fact together, I did my own snooping cause I knew that he was not telling the truth so I found that they are together,like stay together. It bruised my ego for a week or so,looking back now i was just infatuated, i played it in my head and it was just gonna get real soon,so I am glad that it went to the left. It felt like a rejection when he just stopped texting and chatting. It drove me up the wall. Rejection sometimes feels like its a defeat for me. I want everyone to be honest with me, I want someone say hey bro i am gonna play you or I don't like youicon_neutral.gif. I couldn't work for two weeks cause i was busy browsing the internet.icon_redface.gif i am all good