Mother Jones: Behind Kaine's Moderate Reputation Is A History of Quiet Progressive Activism

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    Jul 23, 2016 3:34 AM GMT's No One's Idea of a Liberal Hero, But Tim Kaine Is a Natural Fit for Clinton

    When Tim Kaine moved to Richmond in 1984 to start his legal career, his first assignment was a pro bono case representing a black woman named Lorraine who'd been turned away from an apartment. The landlord had told her he'd already rented it out when she showed up to take a look at the place. But when she asked a coworker to call back later the same day, the landlord said it was available. It was a clear-cut discriminatory housing case.

    Reflecting on the case last fall, Kaine—now a 58-year-old Democratic US senator from Virginia—said it prompted a "'there but for the grace of God go I' moment."

    He won that case and quickly became one of the few attorneys in Virginia focusing on fair housing, which would later constitute, by Kaine's estimation, 75 percent of his legal practice. A few months after he became Richmond's mayor in 1998, he won a $100.5 million jury verdict against Nationwide Insurance for the company's discriminatory lending practices. It was the largest such award in history....

    ... Kaine is a devout Catholic driven by the gospel of social justice and less concerned with the social issues that have become political wedges. Over the course of his career, he has dedicated himself to incremental progress in a red-turned-purple state....

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    No matter. No VP candidate can squelch the stench from the pig.

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