Hey all,

A couple years ago I noticed that when I have vivid intimate sexual fantasies (with say an imaginary lover lol), I get this INTENSE feeling around my pelvic/prostate area. I can't even compare the feeling to masturbating because it's almost on another level. I do ejaculate but it's never climactic. It was always more of like a small itch to scratch instead of a build up of intense sexual pleasure. Nor is there ever a feeling of relief when I cum. It's just... meh.

I've tried holding off for a few weeks and making the "sessions" longer, but these brief feelings I get during these fantasies are still unbelievably stronger than anything I've Never felt when jacking off. I feel like I can't think when I get this tingling sensation down there. My thighs clench and my toes curls. If this is a taste of what an orgasm feels like then I can definitely see what all the hype is about.

I think that for me intimacy is pretty much essential in order to enjoy sex. I tried giving the hookup thing a few tries, but I literally zoned out in the middle of it every time because I just didn't feel anything. My friend suggested that I probably need a combination of prostate stimulation and intimacy in order to orgasm since these feelings emanate my prostate area. I have no idea, I'm still trying to figure out how my body works lol