Spirituality and Presidential Candidates: Hillary is a Scorpio Pig/Boar and Donald is a Gemini Dog

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    Jul 29, 2016 3:03 AM GMT
    Hillary Clinton is currently speaking, accepting her nomination for President of the United States.
    She seems to be a Scorpio, Fire Pig/Boar.

    Donald Trump seems to be a Gemini Fire Dog.

    I have two Suzanne White books to help me look into this further.
    I have other books as well that will help.
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    Jul 29, 2016 3:05 AM GMT
    Dogs can do some barking.
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    Aug 03, 2016 4:05 AM GMT
    Scorpio Pig
    according to Suzanne White's "The New Astrology"

    does not handle guilt very well
    Every gesture ... is self-interested.
    This person is not evil, but [she] is very desirous of getting where [she] wants to be.
    Scorpio Pigs cannot seem to give just for the sake of giving.
    This person's capacity for self-righteous anger is monumental.

    This person's job will be the vehicle by which [she] rises to success.
    not interested in small wages

    When the Scorpio Pig learns to tone down and cool it with the ambition act, people will be less anxious about according [her] jobs involving authority.

    Bossy. Yes. But humane all the same, and so creative that sometimes the bossiness is understandable.

    Fitting careers: actor, cattle rancher, politician

    Famous Scorpio Pigs: Marie Antoinette, Alain Delon (who is he?), Richard Dreyfuss
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    Aug 03, 2016 4:23 AM GMT
    Gemini Dog
    according to Suzanne White's "The New Astrology"

    (Glibness is defined as a state of being talkative in a smooth, almost insincere way. The fast, easy, smooth talk of a used car salesman is an example of glibness.)

    quick-wittedness and glibness
    performance and self-deception
    perspicacity ( having a ready insight into things; shrewdness.)

    Altruism is the Dog's special quarter. We know that people born in Dog years are forever taking up causes and joining crusades for the sake of their fellow human beings.
    if well educated where he had to toe the line and loved by solid-citizen parents, this subject is both amusing and noble, a show-off and a sweetheart, a worker and a dear who will spend his last dime to see someone he loves smile through a mist of tears.

    These Dogs are the jolly jump-up kind. Even their occasional scowls don't mean much. In the long run, they're faithful and lovable, cheerful and optimistic.

    They are also spendthrift and wasteful. Why? Because they are horribly, stupidly generous.

    Gemini Dogs can be misused by others who will abuse their good natures and take advantage of their talents.
    They have appeal. It's a kind of halo of attractiveness that is to sentimental people irresistible. The Gemini Dog, even at his worst and most repetitively verbose and invasive, can make a grown man weep with his sob stories...

    Show business is a natural niche.
    would make a fabulous trial lawyer or fund raiser for a charity.

    Well-known Gemini Dogs: Judy Garland, Rainer Werner Fassbinder (who is that?), Gilda Radner

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    Aug 03, 2016 8:43 PM GMT

    Donald Trump is a Fire Dog and Bill Clinton is a Fire Dog?

    Donald - Jun 14 1946
    Bill - aug 19 1946

    Pick up Donald Trump in the Fire Dog archetype on pg 438 of The New Chinese Astrology

    Pick up Hillary Clinton in the Fire Pig/Boar archetype on pg 490
    Hm, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson were Fire Pigs.
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    Aug 05, 2016 9:44 PM GMT
    Fire Dog Archetype (Donald Trump)

    Fire Dog logic is so innocent and unsophisticated that you almost wish it could be right.
    They hope and plan every day for a better world.
    The Fire Dog is a courageous idealist who will charge forth into the fray and fight hard for what he believes in.
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    Aug 05, 2016 9:52 PM GMT
    Fire Pig Archetype (Hillary Clinton)

    This Pig is the energetic type. She's a combination of homebody and crusader and is always placing herself at the forefront of causes for the betterment of humanity. She'll do anything: carry placards, sign petitions, raise funds or even spend some of her own fortune for what she believes in. Just for all is her goal. The Fire Pig fearlessly brandishes her ideas and ideals in an effort to make progress against inequities that she cannot tolerate.

    The Fire Pig is always rigidly opinionated. If she thinks she know that the woman presenting herself as candidate for chairman of the board once said she did not like foreigners and she feels that this disqualifies her, nothing can sway her from her conviction.

    The Fire Pig is a fervent idealist. She believes strongly in the future and sincerely wishes to work towards political and moral progress, to help establish brotherhood among men. She dreams optimistically of the toppling of tyrants, the elimination of borders, the end of racism. In some ways, she is Utopian.
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    Aug 05, 2016 9:53 PM GMT
    They are about what and what in character--Fire Dog and Fire Pig.
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    Aug 14, 2016 9:25 PM GMT
    Fire Dog Archetype, under which we find Donald Trump

    People let him down.
    Lovers reject his romantic ideals.
    Dirty politics blind him with rage.

    Sour grapes (about the prospect of losing)?
    Trump: "If I lose, it's okay."

    Sour grapes? Not really. It's more like a contrary "I don't give a damn" attitude, resulting from the Fire Dog feeling, once again, left out, misunderstood and furious with the human race.

    Although they often suffer from rabid bad temper and temporary despondency, Fire Dogs never seem depressed. They are ever cordial folk whose good manners issue directly from an honest sense of altruism and love of humanity. [Well, we don't have to worry about the Atomic Bomb Button with Donald--Hillary the Hawk, you do.]

    The Fire Dog's only real enemies are
    - their boiling passion
    - their inability to control their reactions to what they think of as wrong-doing, and
    - their unfortunate tendency to sputter, bluster, and grouch.

    They shouldn't be in politics BUT Donald saw incompetence and more in President Barack Hussein.

    Fire Dogs [and I had to think about this] have difficulty with cupidity (greed for money or possessions). (He has it but cannot be 100% faulted for being greedy about it as some can be.)

    He would make an excellent investigative journalist or private detective. (Trust in him is vindicated.)

    Although he should not be in politics, he should be in government, but not doing deals because he does not believe in half-way measures. He is good for a Reformation. (That's why people voted for him.)

    For what it's worth Suzanne White ends her delineation of the Fire Dog archetype this way.

    "Vital, independent and loyal to the death, the perplexing nature of the oddly enterprising yet shy Fire Dog is guaranteed not to bore you."

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    Aug 16, 2016 3:43 AM GMT
    Fire Pig Archetype, under which we find Hillary Clinton

    But can they ever complain!
    Fire Pigs are frequently grumpy and testy because they feel victimized because they choose to dedicate themselves to the cause of someone they love.

    Whenever they realize just how much of their time and effort it takes to promote the other person, they gripe.
    It can be about everything from 'nobody picks up clothes..." to "When I think how brilliant I was as a ...., what I gave up when I came to live with you."
    They grouse and harrumph, pout and cackle and threaten to leave for ever. Occasionally, Fire Pigs leave. But they never leave for ever -- because they are too good.

    Suzanne White

    So, there you have it: why Hillary did not divorce Bill because of Monica. They do not leave for ever.
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    Oct 03, 2016 7:30 PM GMT
    Trump who, as mentioned above, should not be in politics, is reported as saying, "Weak Veterans get PTSD."

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    Jan 30, 2018 4:56 AM GMT
    Was the astrology correct?
    So True.