^for those of you who don't know I am a Sims 2 horror movie director for youtube. This is one of my vintage/old-school videos i made with the sims 2 back in year 2010 when I was 14 years old. it's about a killer chef on the loose in North Dakota! I decided to share it with all of you because i thought you guys might find it interesting icon_smile.gif

It's about a teenage girl named Jessica Heavener (who's based off Erin/Sally Hardvesty from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a young Kristen Steward from the 2004 lifetime movie 'Speak') who has to spend her spring break on a roadtrip with her mean baby-sitter and her baby-sitter's college friends. Little do they all know, there's an evil cannibel chef who lives out in the parrie in North Dakota waiting to have them all for dinner.

This was inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre obviously icon_razz.gif i'm planning on remaking it and actually having the chef use a chainsaw in the new movie i make icon_smile.gif
but for now, i just have the old one done icon_smile.gif please comment and share your thoughts icon_smile.gif it's not perfect though, but remember, i was only 14 years old when i made it so it's not as good as my new stuff.

P.S. there is a plot twist in this movie... April only has 30 days icon_sad.gif my bad for forgetting about that during the time i made this icon_razz.gif lol