First same-sex married couple ever to compete in the Olympic games

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    Aug 06, 2016 2:53 PM GMT and Helen Richardson-Walsh do not spend much time away from each other. They have been playing hockey together since they were teenagers, in a relationship since 2008 and married for three years. They live together, work together and, soon, will emigrate together.

    But, on the day the Great Britain women’s hockey team for the Olympics was announced, they were apart. Four years of pain, suffering and disappointment had all been leading to this moment, but they decided to keep their distance on the day the squad was cut from 31 to 19.

    “I was actually getting my nails done,” Helen says...

    When the announcement finally came through, the overriding emotion, for both of them, was relief. Rio will be their fourth Olympics together, but their first since they married.

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    Happy day!