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  • Joshthegaymer

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    Aug 18, 2016 6:10 PM GMT
    I just want to ask 3 questions; I will explain why I am asking these 3 particular questions:
    1. Has anyone here ever used a Ouija board or do anything to communicate with the dead?
    2. If your answer to number 1 was yes, what effect did it have on your life?
    3. Regardless of whether the experience was positive or negative, what advice would you recommend to a person interested in the occult?

    Now the reasons why I asked these three questions are because I am interested in reading your responses and because I once made the foolish mistake of messing with an online Ouija board. It effected me to the point where I would get angry over stupid things and it made me feel like my normal personality was being oppressed by something demonic. Now I know that I shouldn't have messed with the board due to the Torah forbidding it and because of my knowledge of not letting something evil into the world. However, I was a stupid young adult (I'm currently 22 by the way and that event happened in my late teens) who threw caution to the wind. As for my advice, I say don't mess with the Ouija board or anything that can summon a demonic entity into the world. I know I might sound crazy, but things happened in my life at that time that I can not explain.
  • AMoonHawk

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    Aug 19, 2016 6:52 AM GMT
    Yes ... No effect on my life... It doesn't really work
  • Dominican_Gen...

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    Aug 19, 2016 6:15 PM GMT
    Joshthegaymer said I once made the foolish mistake of messing with an online Ouija board.

    Online you say? Pretty sure it was just an algorithm giving out random answers... Chill out!
  • Eleven

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    Aug 19, 2016 6:56 PM GMT
    I have used it with friends.

    To answer the second question, at the time it affected me in the way I had expected it to, we were disrespectful, young and bored and decided to all sorts of evocations, contacting the dead being one if them. The moment I stopped was when I realised it was real and that I had actually opened up a window and something came through and I ended up haunting my house for a bit, we have done cleansing rituals since then but he still lingers and is prominent during the witching hour....I got too scared to sleep alone at night and if I stayed up late id see him in reflections of windows and in the corner of my eye, the roof would crack, id hear walking in the roof, id hear him in the walls, extremely weird shit would happen, I suffered psychic attack last time we ever did any magic and it felt like I was going o have a stroke I got migraines and was super paranoid.

    What you need to know if you embark on esoteric journies and search for hidden occult knowledge is that its not bad, its nature so its not good or bad just the truth, u need to be able to handle the truth when youre shown it, you must respect it and embrace the truth otherwise stay out of it and stick to what you know.....knowledge is a big deal in this area but is penultimate to wisdom, if youre not very wise when you start out you will be all the.more wiser when youre done....its important to have the wisdom to know what to do with h knowldege after youve obtained it...

    If youre going to contact the dead, do it for legitimate reasons

    Have respect, love and compassion for the deceased,

    Make sure you close the door properly after you open it

    Say thankyou