Logo's New 'Finding Prince Charming' {trashy} Dating Show- The Gay Bachelor is Hiv+

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    Sep 01, 2016 12:37 AM GMT
    I don't know, the str8 world might not understand this. Male escort turned wanna be married guy. I do know somebody in gay porn that wanted to go legit. I just don't like the gay men that these shows pick as contestants. Just watching the trailer for this new show, just more shallow, vain young gay men with nothing to really do (if you have ever tried gay 'speed dating' in West Hollywood, you know what I mean). Charming has a publicist icon_confused.gif, where are the 'normal' gay men in this show? How about a naked version?

    He def looks the type to lead the towel dance at the gym icon_rolleyes.gif

    Finding Prince Charming Should Embrace the Gay Bachelor’s Sex-Worker Past

    That's also the opposite of what's happening. At Jezebel, Rich Juzwiak pointed out that the entire press tour for Finding Prince Charming has been a charade, an attempt to pretend that a trashy dating reality show wasn’t exactly that: a trashy dating reality show. Now we’re getting a sense of just how much cologne has been used to mask the smell: Internet sleuths have quickly unearthed Sepúlveda’s past as a sex worker and posted his pornographic videos online. (During our interview, he told me his only jobs had been interior decorating work and modeling.)

    The problem, of course, isn’t the one that Logo or Sepúlveda think it is, which is that he was a sex worker who made X-rated videos. Rather, it’s the attempt to paper over those questions with a blanket statement that it’s simply “the past."

    Charmings prior work.........hes really not my type but he def would do for a quickie {NSFW}
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    Sep 01, 2016 1:22 AM GMT
    You get it, this song just popped into my head icon_lol.gif

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    Sep 06, 2016 6:09 PM GMT
    wow, not only an ex porn star but also Hiv+, so this series already has an ending? icon_eek.gif

    Gay Bachelor ‘Finding Prince Charming’ contestant to come out as HIV-positive

    A Gay Bachelor ‘Finding Prince Charming’ contestant has revealed that he is HIV-positive.
    According to TMZ, one of the 13 men cast on the show to hook up with the gay bachelor will reveal that he is HIV+.