Speak to Me Solar System, for 3 Days. Part II: Speak to Me Moon, for the Month of September. THANK-u for putting me here w/ your help.

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    Sep 02, 2016 3:54 AM GMT

    Transiting Sun Opposition Natal Chiron / 3 Days Aug 31 - Sep 2 / Max RESTRAINT

    During this time you are touchy and unsure of yourself, and so you are easily hurt or insulted, or you tend to be hurtful yourself - there may be triggers for these situations but in reality no obvious cause.

    Maximum restraint is called for in interpersonal interactions.

    You should really treat everyone with kid gloves to avoid doing harm to your relationships or to yourself.

    If you are already in dispute with someone, you should try to avoid this person at this time.
    Whatever it is about,
    an argument or difference of opinion
    that you want to settle or continue during this time,
    it would only lead to mutual hurt.

    Sacred Contract. Amen.
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    Sep 03, 2016 5:53 PM GMT
    Lillian Too and Jennifer Too's Forune & Feng Shui - Tiger 2016
    Fifth Month: June 6th through July 6th 2016

    New Directions Open Up Bringing Newfound Excitement into Your Life
    Work & Career - Opportunity to Get Ahead

    Job outsourced to Costa Rica
    Got a promotion
    Promotion outsourced to Costa Rica
    Consolation: Resume looks pretty good. People are willing to submit me at a higher hourly rate than 13 months ago.
    Second, I have accepted the career fact that if I go forward with project management I need to get some six-figure, less than six month projects under my belt. With about four to six of them and either the CAPM or PMP certification, I should be able to be in the $110,000 / yr project manager bracket with projects of greater than 6 months duration and budgets greater than $750,000 (much greater than $750,000--if I'm pulling down $110,000/hr. My architect would make more than me.)
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    Sep 03, 2016 6:00 PM GMT
    So, pragmatically, I can shoot for being an $80,000 / yr PM. What, PMs do not get $100K on projects of less than $1,000,000?

    Do I continue in the low percentage career of PMO Finance?
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    Sep 03, 2016 6:05 PM GMT
    Lillian Too and Jennifer Too's Forune & Feng Shui - Tiger 2016
    Eighth Month: Sep 8 through Oct 7 2016
    Beware the Loss & Betrayal Star

    Work & Career - Some Disillusionment
    Business - Minimize exposure to risk
    Love & Relationships - Beware infidelities

    ~ ~ ~

    Well, it's not quite Sep 8. What does Seventh Month say?

    Prosperity Star Brings Wealth Luck Your Way

    Work & Career - Don't say no
    Business - Newfound confidence
    Love & Relationships - Feeling wonderful!
    Education - Maintain momentum
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    Sep 08, 2016 10:25 PM GMT
    Suzanne White 2016 New Astrology Horoscopes Chinese and Western
    Fire Monkey Year: Monthly Horoscopes for All Signs

    Taurus - September 2016
    With Mercury doing backstrokes until the 21st, be wary of the company you keep. As much as you lo e camaraderie, a snake in the grass is slithering unseen through your social circle. Around the 5th, a "friend" may stop responding to texts. ... On the surface, no big deal but something feels wrong. Your gut is trying to tell you this person isn't on your side.

    I know one person in my life for whom this applies.

    If you uncover a plot to stab you in the back, cease communication immediately.

    The person did blurt out his plot and your advice is spot on.

    If you maintain your distance, you can nip any machinations in the bud.

    Toward the end of the month, money and credit score improvement and borrowing is good; but, do not be a lender at this time. Better to be called a cheapskate than to lose a friend!

    For those born in the Year of the Tiger - September 2016's Monthly Horoscope

    Return the quality of your output to its previous high level.

    Sit-down powwows will be difficult with Mercury Retrograde.
    If the troubled individual can pull out of this tailspin without your assistance, their self-confidence will go through the roof.

    September will burn you out.

    = = =
    Back to the details of Lillian Too

    The Robbery Star makes an appearance which can lead to money loss and violence.
    Don't stay out late. Avoid dangerous parts of town. Be careful with finances.

    The #7 Star brings risk of betrayal.

    That has already happened, yesterday when the intent to betray was announced.

    Display a confident front even if it is not with integrity.
    Be comfortable in your own skin.