Conservative Repub Newspaper Rejects Repub Candidate for First Time, Endorses Clinton - HISTORIC AND EMBARRASSING FOR TRUMP

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    Sep 07, 2016 12:03 PM GMT
    After saying it would not endorse Trump in this year's election, the Dallas Morning News editorial board INSULTS and EMBARRASSES Trump further by backing his Democratic opponent for the first time in more than 75 years. The conservative newspaper has enthusiastically endorsed Hillary, saying, "Hillary Clinton has spent years in the trenches doing the hard work needed to prepare herself to lead our nation. . . . In this race, at this time, she deserves your vote."

    Here are the salient points made by the newspaper:

    o "[U]nlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has experience in actual governance, a record of service and a willingness to delve into real policy."
    o Trump is "not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote."
    o Trump "inexplicably" won the primary despite being "the one who thumbed his nose at conservative orthodoxy altogether. Trump is -- or has been -- at odds with nearly every GOP ideal that this newspaper holds dear."
    o "Donald Trump is no Republican and certainly no conservative."
    o "His ideas are so far from Republicanism that they have spawned a new description: Trumpism"
    o Trump's authoritarian streak should horrify limited-government advocates.
    o His "open admiration of Russia's Vladimir Putin" is "alarming" reason to oppose his candidacy.
    o Trump's "protectionism would likely force the U.S. into trade wars, increase the deficit, and sink the U.S. economy back into a recession."

    This historic endorsement of Clinton will open the floodgates of more Republican endorsements for President Hillary Clinton. It looks like Trump is breaking all Republican records, and certainly not in a good way. To borrow Trump's favorite word: "Terrible"!

    See, e.g., (endorsing Clinton and rejecting Trump).

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    Sep 07, 2016 1:46 PM GMT
    Not great news for The Donald. I wonder if he'll now attack the Dallas Morning News, like he does other media outlets he views as unfriendly? And bar their reporters from his events, as he's done with others?

    Pretty soon the misnamed Fox News cable will be his only national coverage. Still a big audience, but preaching to the choir. No Democrats or thinking swing-Independents watch that fake news-as-entertainment farce. So he will have severed his lines of communication to all but the brain dead political zombies he calls his supporters.
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    Sep 07, 2016 4:48 PM GMT
    I had read this. Just imagine Texas going Blue over Trump. By a recent poll it is already in a tie (with over 5,000 surveyed there--significant). I don't think that means Texas is turning Democratic nor in this extreme case does it mean--though it might pull--Hillary stepping conservative (she was never liberal enough for me but I think Bernie has pulled her our way). Instead, I think this is summed up by the Texas conservative newspaper's editorial regarding this point per the OP: "Trump's authoritarian streak should horrify limited-government advocates" as I fully believe that flaw is his weakness (well, one of, but a huge one) as much as I believe that Americans denying him that, Americans fighting against that, Americans disallowing that, Americans telling that piece of shit to go fuck itself is America's strength which will show itself in all her glory this election.

    I was going to do another thread and maybe I'll do that next, that America in all of history has never by majority tolerated a strongman candidate for president. We are not weaklings, we don't accept that, we will never empower that as head of state because we never need that, we are stronger without that, we are better than that. Fuck Trump.