FBI Director, Republican Comey, Embarrasses the Repubes AGAIN!

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    Sep 08, 2016 6:30 PM GMT
    FBI Director James Comey, a Republican, said Wednesday that the decision to forego criminal charges in the Hillary Clinton email investigation was not a close call--once again embarrassing the Republican fictionists and illusionists.

    Comey did not beat around the bush, saying, "At the end of the day, the case itself was not a cliff-hanger; despite all the chest-beating by people no longer in government, there really wasn't a prosecutable case." See http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/politics/ct-fbi-director-clinton-emails-20160907-story.html.

    In other words, there's no way in hell that President Hillary Clinton could have been charged and convicted because THERE WAS NO CASE. Period. Did you hear that, TRUMPeteers? There was no case.

    Once again, the Repubes fall flat on their distorted, KKK-loving faces.
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    Sep 08, 2016 7:10 PM GMT
    For my entire life I tolerated Republicans. Nearly always had some as friends. Almost always had one as a good friend. My last best bud was Republican. But I am so unbelievably sick of Republicans. I even have one old friend who I haven't spoken with all year because I know he loves Trump. And I know that speaking to him now would destroy our relationship which I respect. So I don't even call him. And he knows better than to call me. Cause I'd rip his face off.

    Had family over for the Labor Day weekend. I've a comfy sofa bed & a murphy bed and extra bedrooms so bodies everywhere including nephew's college buddy who had the cutest remark that my gardens seem to have "more than enough bamboo for one person." So of course we got into much political discussion which I was not sure how that would go because the last I spoke to this nephew he stated that he'd consider being GOP were they not such intolerant religious freaks.

    Trump has turned him Democrat. During the weekend he proudly whipped out his voting card, registered Democrat. And my brother now in his 60s says he's thinking of first registering Democrat, having registered Independent since he was 18. Without having then discussed with him, I also was Independent when first registering but then registered Democrat by my first or 2nd election cycle, being gay and out and voting in the same state as that bitch Anita when she was on the warpath against us.

    Without this story, we'd discussed the FBI & email stuff and our consensus among this decades loyal Democrat, a lifelong Independent and our newly minted liberal youth was who in the FBI wouldn't have taken Hillary down if they could. You mean no one in that so highly skilled organization wouldn't have wanted to make a name for themselves? We're to believe they're not on the level as the alt-right claims? So the choice comes down to believing the FBI or believing the delusions of the alt-right. Guess who wins.