Yes, there is a level of pleasure you still not have found. it's called TANTRIC ORGAMS

What you should do for being able reach this pleasure?
Of course you could think about the horniest things as seen in porno all over, but you know in your heart that this is a purely fantasy.

Tantric sex calls you to know better yourself and stick to your sexual role (If you still guessing that you better to enjoy both sides, you probably miss here something, there is a place to deepen)

Tantric Anal Sexuality course - 9 classes of open sexuality, spiritual enrichment.

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The confusion between being “top” or “bottom” is part of the tantra learning. It means you will never experience what’s the tantric pleasure without clean your old ideas about male sex learning a new ideas as values about the feminine and masculine energies, also understanding the psychology of gay men.

Here’re what you will achieve from learning male sexuality:

* Become a “tantric” lover
* Have safe and 100% fulfilling anal sex
* Active “your” inner man (or inner woman)!
* Approach better your anus or of your bottom partners
* Maintain your alimentation for best penetrations “Bottom Diet”
* Act mentally right in hardcore sex or passionate meetup
* Move on from past anal traumas to much better sexual future
* Stick to your authentic sex role without being “DEPEND” in the other person as most versatile men say.

Watch the course: