We all recall Trump offering a charity donation of $5M in exchange for Pres. Obama's birth records in 2012. See video below. Now, taking Trump's 2012 offer into account, LinkIn's cofounder, Reid Hoffman, has pledged to donate up to $5M to veterans organizations if Trump releases his tax returns before the final presidential debate. This pledge follows a crowdfunding campaign launched last week by Peter Kiernan, a Marine, to raise $1M and donate the money to 10 veterans groups if Trump releases his tax returns by October 19. See http://money.cnn.com/2016/09/12/technology/linkedin-reid-hoffman-trump-taxes/.

This recent development only adds to the increasing clamor from the public and the media for transparency in the presidential election. I have a feeling that Hoffman and Kiernan won't have to wait long before Trump is compelled to release his tax returns. There's no hiding from this, given the increasing pressure on Trump and Clinton to be more transparent with respect to their medical records and tax returns.