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    Sep 13, 2016 11:32 PM GMT
    For all this talk about the "war on police" to justify defending all the trigger happy ones, it's never been a safer time in America to be a cop..


    The 10 Deadliest Jobs: Deaths per 100,000

    1. Logging workers: 128.8
    2. Fishers and related fishing workers: 117
    3. Aircraft pilot and flight engineers: 53.4
    4. Roofers: 40.5
    5. Structural iron and steel workers: 37
    6. Refuse and recyclable material collectors: 27.1
    7. Electrical power-line installers and repairers: 23
    8. Drivers/sales workers and truck drivers: 22.1
    9. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers: 21.3
    10. Construction laborers: 17.4

    Out of approximately one million police and law enforcement personnel, with 126 deaths per year, the death rate for police is 12.6 per hundred thousand.

    "Another point to bear in mind is that not all officer fatalities are homicides. Out of the 100 deaths in 2013, 31 were shot, 11 were struck by a vehicle, 2 were stabbed, and 1 died in a "bomb-related incident." Other causes of death were: aircraft accident (1), automobile accident (2icon_cool.gif, motorcycle accident (4), falling (6), drowning (2), electrocution (1), and job-related illness (13).

    Even assuming that half these deaths were homicides, policing would have a murder rate of 5.55 per 100,000, comparable to the average murder rate of U.S. cities: 5.6 per 100,000. It's more dangerous to live in Baltimore (35.01 murders per 100,000 residents) than to be a cop in 2014.

    This is not to say that police officers do not have a difficult job. They certainly do. They’re required to have daily contact with drunks, the mentally disabled, and criminal suspects. Arrests can often lead to physical confrontation, assault, and sometimes injury. Police are constantly dragged into families' and neighbors' petty squabbles. It can be a stressful and sometimes thankless task.

    But it just isn't unusually deadly or dangerous—and it’s safer today than ever before. The data do not justify the kinds of armor, weapons, insecurity, and paranoia being displayed by police across the country."
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    Sep 14, 2016 1:26 PM GMT
    As it is now medium -> large police departments cause tax payers to foot the bill for large lawsuits every year.

    Make the police departments responsible. Have them pay out the the millions of dollars in lawsuits currently paid by taxpayers.
    Accurate transparent federal statistics on who is shooting who would help
    City managers should install a civilian over watch review.

    bet the shiz could stop over night.

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    Sep 28, 2016 11:56 PM GMT
    Saw the debate on monday. Moderator question is "how will you address discrimination?" Hillary acknowledges at we're all guilty of prejudice, but that police discrimination has lethal consequences, hence funding for training.

    Trump's answer is "law and order" and "stop and frisk is good", which is only slightly less retarded than his verbal diarrhea about "the cyber" icon_lol.gif
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    Sep 29, 2016 3:36 AM GMT
    There are plenty of cops who act like thugs, but the fact is, the vast majority of police officers never fire their weapons in the line of duty. Not once, in their entire careers.

    People who are calling for a war on cops, or even committing acts of violence on random cops - due to the actions of a few - are nothing more than ignorant criminals.

    Hmm, let's see... if there are people out there committing random acts of violence on police officers, do you think that'll make them a) less likely, or b) more likely to shoot first and ask questions later?