What's your ball regime?

  • Eleven

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    Sep 18, 2016 5:06 PM GMT
    For a while I was using talcum powder to keep fresh but now I use coconut oil and im never going back.

    You probably heard its anti fungal and bacterial but its also a good conditioner and moisturiser, so if youre cut you wont get a dry and crusty penis when you get older.

    Youre welcome, please feel free to share how you keep your balls
  • UMayNeverKnow

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    Sep 18, 2016 5:23 PM GMT
    At what age does the "dry and crusty penis" phenomenon occur?
  • Ekho

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    Sep 18, 2016 5:43 PM GMT
    I have super super saggy nuts an they are hard to trim Cus they r sooo saggy but I don't use any powder or any stuff like that

    N I'm circumcised but my glans still shine so I haven't had the need to use a moisturizer.

    I only jack off by fucking my fleshlight or using my autoblow robot that gives me head. Those both require a small amount of lube for anyone who uses them.
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    Sep 18, 2016 6:17 PM GMT
    Cornstarch. Some talcum powders use cornstarch, some use talcum. Doesn't seem to make any difference as far as I can tell. I put it in an empty McCormick spice jar, the little plastic ones with the red flip up lid. I also use it to powder my fleshjack/fleshlight sleeves when I'm going to turn it inside out to cut away some of the bumps when its texture is too aggressive.

    I'd think coconut oil would make my tighty whities greasy if I wasn't careful and used too much. It would be embarrassing to have it then get on my pants and have an oily spot on them.
  • Eleven

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    Sep 18, 2016 6:18 PM GMT
    I dont know what age it gets dry and crusty but ive seen lots of dry and crusty circumcised penises on Embarrassing bodies TV shows and Its hard fighting the urge to go over them with some coconut oil.

    Hmmmm the thought of buying a fleshlight never occured to me there could be good health benefits from having one, maybe I should developp an essential oil concocktion that you masturbate with and helps keep ppls dicks pretty...

    Omg I could call it COCO NUTs
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    Sep 18, 2016 8:37 PM GMT
    You can't use any oil or oil based lube with a fleshjack. And you can't use one with silicone. Only water based lubes. Lubes with oil or silicone degrade the material the inner sleeve is made from and it develops tears and cracks.

    I make my own lube with the crucial ingredient being J-Lube which is super slippery. Here's the recipe (2nd to last post or thereabouts):

  • Eleven

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    Sep 19, 2016 4:16 AM GMT
    Well thats fucked, I like your lube recipe...

    Im not a big fan of lube, I prefer paw paw oibtment or oils.
    I tried lube once on my ass and it stung!
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    Sep 19, 2016 5:42 PM GMT
    I'm in chlorinated pools and out in the sun a lot so I've got to moisturize after every shower. I use a few good products: Eucerin; Amlactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy and Neutrogena Sesame Oil.