Trump Name Seen As Stigma On Pennsylvania Ave -- Today's Quiz: What's 1600 minus 1100? (answer inside)

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    Sep 20, 2016 1:43 AM GMT
    Answer: The closest tRump will ever get to the White House. name seen as stigma for new D.C. hotel

    About 150 conference goers arrived at the Trump International Hotel Washington, District of Columbia, on Tuesday, the day after it opened, for an annual meeting of the National Confectioners Association.

    But nobody wanted to talk about it.

    "Nope," said three representatives at the CandyPAC table when approached by a reporter. "Not interested," added two women sitting outside the hotel's presidential ballroom.

    More than a dozen attendees turned down requests for an interview. The only one who agreed, a man from Montana, declined to give his name.

    ...meeting planners and industry insiders say, the name — and the property's association with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump — is likely to be the largest sticking point for the 263-room hotel, which opened to the public Monday.

    "This hotel is the new shiny penny in Washington — the only problem is that Donald Trump has his name on it," said Chryssa Zizos, president and chief executive of Live Wire Media Relations, whose clients include the Carlyle Group and Raytheon.

    Zizos said none of her clients have yet booked events at the hotel, even though the months leading up to an opening are often the best time to snag low rates and coveted dates. Instead, she said, corporations, educational institutions and financial firms are opting for other high-end haunts in the District: the Hay-Adams, Jefferson and Ritz-Carlton.

    ...Trump hotels across the country appear to have taken a hit since Trump launched his presidential campaign last summer. Bookings at his hotels were down 59 percent during the first half of 2016, according to the travel site Hipmunk. Among the hardest hit was the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, which is offering nightly rates of $159 on the discount site Groupon.

    Any group that's concerned that attendees would be offended by the Trump name is not going to take the risk,"...

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    Sep 20, 2016 12:19 PM GMT
    I LOVED the Old Post Office Pavilion. I was hoping Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons, or even Shangri-La, would acquire and transform it instead of Trump.
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    Sep 20, 2016 3:44 PM GMT Trump Organization bid touted the involvement of Arthur Cotton Moore, a noted local architect who had renovated historic buildings in the area before and who had helped design the Old Post Office Building renovations in the 1970s.[103] Mr. Moore left the effort within less than a year and has declined to comment upon why, however, John Cullinane, another preservationist architect working on the project who resigned as well, commented that he "left because I couldn’t support what they were doing to the building... [t]hey were covering up or tearing out everything that was historic...”

    ...The Trump Organization asked the District of Columbia to waive possessory interest taxes on the Old Post Office Building.[113] The possessory interest tax was estimated at about $3 million in 2012, although it would likely be far more once the property was fully redeveloped. D.C. tax officials denied the waiver.[114] Pedro Ribeiro, a spokesperson for Mayor Vincent C. Gray, said, "It was never part of the bid proposal that the project would not be subject to the tax." David Orowitz, the Vice President for Acquisitions and Development in The Trump Organization, said that the denial of tax waiver was not a surprise and would not change the financial calculations of the company's bid.[115] Donald Trump later denied seeking any tax waiver.

    ...On June 4, GSA reached a final agreement with The Trump Organization regarding redevelopment of the Old Post Office Building.[125] The Trump Organization negotiated a 60-year lease[125][126] under which it paid $250,000 in rent per month, with annual increases tied to the Consumer Price Index.[126][127] Rent payments were to begin either eight months after construction started or 20 months after the lease's signing, whichever came first.[127] The company had the option to extend the lease another 40 years.[108] The Trump Organization agreed to spend at least $200 million redeveloping the property,[125][126] with Trump using his personal funds to pay for the redevelopment.[108][128][129] To allay concerns by critics that he too often defaulted on developments, Trump agreed to provide a $40 million personal guaranty as well as a "bad acts" (to cover failure to pay taxes, fraud, or other forms of misconduct).[127] The Trump Organization agreed to pay all taxes, although the lease did not bar the company from seeking a historic preservation tax credit...