However, we are confident saying that kissing represents ‘no risk’. This is probably because to do otherwise would generate misinformation and promote stigma – but the message of undetectable = uninfectious would also address misinformation and stigma. I think we are simply comfortable saying that kissing represents no risk because we know that it’s an illegitimate risk. Just as we don’t worry about our children impaling themselves on statues during games of hide and seek, it does not make sense to generate concern over HIV transmission opportunities that are incredibly unlikely.

On that note, condoms are not 100% effective. But we feel very comfortable promoting condom use and the benefits of the condom. It is, and has been, the Trojan Horse (mind the pun) of HIV prevention. But, as ibase says in its 2016 version of HIV testing and risks of sexual transmission, ‘Viral load as a factor is more important than condom use.’ So why are we so comfortable in promoting condom use and not an undetectable viral load as a prevention method?