Constitution is the document around which the government has to bend itself. It’s not an inconvenience to be tossed aside when other, more immediate concerns, are pressing.

The Constitution and its amendments protect innocent people from government over-reach. It’s the document that prevents the government from telling you what you can’t say (First Amendment), using illegally obtained evidence against you (Fourth Amendment), forcing you to testify against yourself (Fifth Amendment) or, yes, denying you the right to defend yourself (Second Amendment)....

...And that’s the danger of thinking like Yoo or Mike Clarke of Madison, N.J. or my Trump-loving dad or pretty much every the Trump supporter. This campaign has mainstreamed un-American values by turning every argument back onto the opponent.

So when I’ve asked Trump supporters how they can tolerate a campaign packed with white supremacists, I’ve been told, “Well, that’s just the people around him — not him. And, besides, all we’re asking for is equal rights for whites, not special rights for everyone else.”

When I’ve asked Trump supporters how they can tolerate a man who is campaigning as a successful businessman yet has run six companies into bankruptcy, failed to pay contractors and has violated ethical norms, I’ve been told, “Well, that’s just how you have to act in order to be successful in business.”

When I’ve asked Trump supporters how they can casually deny basic rights that are guaranteed in the Constitution, I’ve been told, “Well, you don’t understand that we have to be strong and can’t let criminals and terrorists exploit our values against us.”

When I’ve asked Trump supporters how they can be the children or grandchildren of immigrants and regularly credit those very people for building our country, yet now want to build a wall to keep such people out, I’ve been told that those immigrants are actually secret terrorists who want to kill us or simply rapists who want to take our jobs.

...champion un-American ideas and simultaneously wrap them in patriotism....